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Jala Neti Pot Testimonials

"  I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah early in 2008 and he discussed the Neti pot and of all things my doctor suggested it two months ago.

I have been to India six times in the last eighteen years and I am familiar with Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic philosophy so I was excited to try the therapy.

I have recurring sinus infections and have constant nasal blockage with annoying, viscous, dark green, and never diminishing mucous. It's like glue. After 11 days on another high grade antibiotic that did not clear up my sinus infection I decided to try a Neti pot. I researched Neti pots and liked the info at your website. It was level headed and informative.

This is the start of my fourth week cleansing a minimum of two times per day (early AM and late PM) and it is amazing.

I have 98% clear mucous now that ejects easily and I inhale and exhale air through my nostrils which is a welcome and surprising phenomenon.

My right nostril will not flow well every few days so I do two rounds and it usually clears it.

I have an overall positive outlook because my sinus` are clear.

I was also informed two years ago that I had some halitosis. Never before was I told this and I was very concerned about that news and verified itself by breathing in deeply with the blanket over my head in the mornings.
Nothing was improving that condition but the Neti pot has reduced this symptom by at least 90-95% as well. I am certain it is from the bacteria in the mucous in my sinus` that caused it which is something none of the websites I researched to correct this problem could pinpoint.

I will hot consider not doing my twice daily Neti pot treatments.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made and it is life changing.

I use purified water through my Brita filter and pure sea salt with no additives and I use my infrared thermometer to verify 99 degrees. I am careful not spill over the top of the Neti pot, to breath slowly through my mouth, and I usually have a constant flow of water straight through the nostrils so I am confident that I am doing it correctly.

I occasionally do level two treatment when I want a deeper cleanse.

Thank you. "

- Brent S., Doraville , GA

" Many thanks for Jala Neti!
I was miserable with clogged sinuses and a complete inability to clear them after a whopping 3 weeks. Nothing worked, and I was willing to try
A web search brought me to your site. It was well-designed, and I noted
a genuine "sincerity" in your delivery.
Other vendors' wares looked cheap and poorly designed, while YOURS was very high quality and nicely designed.
The VIDEO DVD is a valuable resource that I'm glad I got. It was a big help, and nicely done. I'd include it in every kit.
After just ONE treatment, I felt better immediately. I could breathe again. If you saw the "stuff" trapped up there, you'd understand why. In just TWO days, I was totally clear and back to normal. Nobody believed me that it was your product that did it (including doctors, pharmacists, the folks in the office, etc), but it was true. They kept suffering while I was still clear.
Over the next several weeks, I performed my usual, weekend lawn mowing ritual. THIS time, I used the Jala Neti afterwards, and was amazed at the results! You wouldn't believe the "junk" being harbored within my sinuses.
I find Jala Neti a refreshing and relaxing activity that provides all the benefits you claim.
To those deciding whether or not this is for them, I say, go for it. Get the video, follow the directions, and relax. Many thanks for a job well done ! "

- I.T, Windsor , VA

" I had never used a Neti Pot before but tried it after a recommendation from a friend. The instructions were very well written and the pot is of very high quality. I am using it twice daily. When I received it, I eliminated a sinus infection in five days. Before trying it, it was recommended that I have surgery to correct difficulties I had in breathing through my nose. I have avoided surgery and greatly improved my breathing in just a few weeks. I couldn't be happier."

- Frank Palmer , San Diego , CA

"It took a little bit to get the water flowing but with a little perseverance and patience, it is working beautifully !! after years of congestion and blocked nasal passages, my husband can finally breath freely through his nose. i am sure he will be using it for years to come. a great alternative to popping allergy pills that simply do not work !!"

- Kristine Jesaitis, Lansdale , PA

" I've had recurring sinus infections every 6-8 weeks for years and for a while, antibiotics were helping to keep them to a max of 3-5 a year. The medications haven't been working for the last 6 months to clear it up. A friend of mine mentioned trying a neti pot, so I thought I'd give it a try. Upon using my neti pot for the first time, it was VERY obvious the difference in how much better I could smell all the new spring smells that I wasn't able to notice before, even with a good sense of smell! I've been using my neti pot for several weeks and have found it invaluable in allowing me to breathe clearly and sleep better without sinus headaches and mucus constantly running down my throat making me ill, especially as a singer with 6 upcoming performances for a regional musical theater production I am in. It is working better than any of the medicines I have used, it's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, and the results are readily apparent. I've managed to learn the Stage 2 technique as well as Stage 1, and they work like a charm. I've been recommending it to all my friends with sinus troubles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

- B.S, Schuylerville, NY

" I use my stainless Steel Neti Pot every morning. It's everything you promised. My sinuses are clear for most of the day and I'm actually breathing through my nose again. I was tested at an allergist many years ago and found to be allergic to EVERY tree grass and weed! While I could control my allergies with over-the-counter once a day pills like "Claratin" or a stinky nose spray I have DISCONTINUED their use altogether since starting use of the neti pot. My sinuses feel "smooth" when I breath through them now. I used to wake in the morning with "crusty" stuff in my nose; that's not the case anymore. It's a great product and I would recommend it to anyone for a better day everyday. Thanks! "

- K.L, Somerset, PA

" The neti pot has been great. Any sinus or congestion issues that I've had have deminished, but not eliminated. But it has really helped my everyday breathing. Of course it does take practice like anything else. The anxiety of trying the neti pot the first time is gone now. I have no
problem just setting up and running a saline mixture thru my nose with no time at all. Of course, if I don't stay on a daily routine my nose may get congested a bit or backed up. But, for the most part it doesn't take hardly any time at all. Ten minutes, at the most, of my time each
cleansing. Thanks for the neti pot "

- R.W, Roanoke, TX

" I received my Neti pot very quickly. I am very happy with the quality of the product but even happier with how much better I feel since I've been using it! I decided to try this because it made some logical sense, and I knew that it wouldn't hurt even if it didn't help. I didn't expect the great results that I have had. I have far fewer sore throats in the morning, I am sleeping better, have fewer stomach problems, and I have also noticed an increase in my sense of smell. It is not a miracle cure but it is certainly a very potent weapon in my arsenal of fighting for good health. I have indeed told many people about my good results and have encouraged others to also give this a try."

- K.Morden, Woodhaven, Michigan

" Great service, thanks. I love my Neti pot - I am breathing more clearly and offortlessly than I have in many years -- can't remember how long. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever breathe this clearly again. Now access to easier breathing whenever I choose to warm up water for my Neti! Thanks again "

- C.Gotschall, Falls Church, VA

" I have been absolutely pleased with my neti pot. I am 56 and have suffered all my life from hayfever and other sinus problems. I received the neti pot within a week of being ordered and have used it twice a day since. It is truely a miraculous device. Thank you so much. I recommend it to all of my friends!"

- William C Fox Jr, Loganville, GA

" I ordered the netti pot for my husband whose allergies have been becoming increasingly worse. After trying several remedies, he said he thinks, "the only thing that seems to help is the netti pot." He doesn't miss a day."

- M.J.L, Ontonagon, MI

" Received in good condition. I couldn't wait to try this method of cleansing. I have tried a lot of products and the neti-pot surpasses them all. I recommend the neti-pot to anyone with sinus problems. Like most with chronic sinus problems I was ready to try anything and after only a few days my nasal passages showed signs of clearing. I will continue to use this process on a daily basis. I am totally satisfied with my purchase. Thanks. "

- Linda Spence , Venice, FL

" Thank you very much for your follow up. I have been using the neti pot at least five days a week since receiving it. The instructions were very clear and I had no problems with choking or drowning sensations from the first use. I am finding that my breathing has improved both during yoga and mediation practice and during sleep. My husband remarked recently that I no longer wheeze when asleep. For the first time in memory (I am 51 years old), I can breathe freely from both nostrils. I think it is already giving some protection from infections because my husband has had a bad cold for two weeks and I have not yet gotten it.

- Denise English, Fruitland Park, FL

"I have had horrible problems with asthma, allergies, and sinus infections since I was a child. A friend at work recommended the Neti Pot after she saw I was unsatisfied with my doctor's attempts to alleviate my problems. I have used it daily and saw immediate results. And not only am I happier, my husband is too because since I've been using it I stopped snoring at night!"

- Jennifer Brehm, Englewood, CO

" Thank you for the wonderful neti pot. My sence of smell has improved so much and as all the flowers are out it has been an added bonus. My yoga practise is also working on a much more focused level. I never have to blow my nose or clear my throat now the results were almost immediate once I'd learnt to fully relax whilst doing it. A headache is very much reduced if the sinuses are cleaned during it and the lungs are also benefiting from deeper breaths and a more open throat. As I have always had a problem and am now 48 I have no congestion at all and its all because of jali neti each day. Thank you so much"

- Sally, Totnes, Devon, UK

" I am very pleased with my new neti pot. I use it nightly before going to bed. I was having trouble sleeping and would awaken gasping for air because my nose and sinuses would end up being stopped up. I've been using the neti pot for a month or so and, from the first day forward, have had no reoccurrence at all of the breathing difficulties that used  to awaken me with a gasp. Thank you VERY much! "

- Jeff Jones,Wake Forest, NC

" At the time I placed my order I had been suffering with severe sinus congestion for whatever reason. It was so bad it made me take time off work. I did not want to see the doctor and be given antibiotics, so I did my own research on the internet and found your website and information on the neti pot. I was convinced this would help me and sure enough, it brought instant relief!! The procedure is simple and straightforward and very effective. I now use it daily as part of my morning routine. I recommend this technique to everyone I talk to and pass along your website too. I am not sure if I will make it to the third step but steps 1 and 2 have been very effective in themselves. Thank you for a fantastic experience that is now a part of my every day life."

- Victoria, BC, Canada

" After using it for the first time, it was easy to use. My wife says that I don't snore as loud. I don't have the headaches any more. I told my sister about and she is trying it now. Thanks!"

- Michael Simpson, La Palma, CA

" I feel th neti pot does help keep my sinuses clear. Living in ND we are exposed to dust and enviormental alleregens year round. I have ecouraged my family to start using it as well. I find it best to use it every day in the shower.  Thank you"

- Joy,Pembina, MD

" This is an excellent product and has almost cured my blocked nose. It took me a while to use it properly as I couldn't get the water to flow through my right nostril, I think, because it was so blocked . Now it flows easily .

- Louise Payne, Solihull, UK

" I am very pleased with the product and I am telling all of my friends about the benefits of Jala neti. Before discovering Jala Neti, I was constantly having problems with blocked sinuses. I spent a lot of money on nasal sprays which didn't really help at all. I am very pleased to discover that Jala Neti has totally resolved my problem. Your service was excellent and the product arrived safely and very quickly - Thank You "

- Colin Wynne, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK

" Before I used the Neti Pot I would start every morning sneezing my head off and would use a half a box of tissues. I used the Neti Pot just two mornings and haven't sneezed in the last 3 weeks. It is amazing! "

- Roger A Smith ,San Jose, CA

" Hello! I suffer from terrible bouts of Sinusitus that are preceded by acold. The last 2 times I felt a cold coming on I've been able to eliminate the symptoms entirely by taking extra vitamin C and using the neti pot/salt solution. This is such a wonderful, natural solution as opposed to nasal surgery, antibiotics and medications with side effects.Thanks so much for putting out a well designed metal neti pot! It is easy to use and the salt packets dissolve easily. Any other information you could share with me on other ways to maintain health would be appreciated."

- Angela Adelman , Arlington Heights, Illinois

" I recieved the Neti Pot right on time. I started using the pot right away. I obtained almost immediate results. I no longer take any type of allergy or sinus medicine. I currently work at a Emergency Dept as an RN. I have been spreading the word about my positive results with the neti pot. Sadly in our country, we rely too strongly on the use of medications;in which the end result is harmful to our bodies. Thank-you Health&Yoga for an excellent product."

- Trish Lewis Monroeville, NJ

" Very well made product (beautiful and functional), and the CD with video was VERY helpful in getting the techniques down. Best of all, the Jala-Neti pot (used twice daily) is providing a HUGE relief to the chronic sinus pain I was experiencing. I have gone from several episodes of intense facial pain per day to perhaps 1 a week, and it is much briefer. Most of all, I love knowing that *I* can have a positive influence on my health - and not be dependent on doctors and drugs for "pseudo cures in a bottle"

- Robert Hime , Redmond, WA

" Received Neti pot in fine condition. I wish I would have started using the pot years ago. My nose breathing has improved and my general health is much better. Thank"

- John J Murray , Tigard, Or

" Neti pot received and much appreciated. It has significantly reduced the amount of sinus problems I was experiencing, especially in the morning."

- Jeremy Wesson , Lawrenceville, GA


- Jennifer Nickalls, March, Cambs

" I love my neti pot. I have had recurrent sinusitis and ordered my neti pot at the start of my last infection. It has been wonderful. It is so easy and provides great relief. I look forward to a lifetime of use."

- Jennifer Cook, Fayetteville, GA

" If only I could get into the habit of using it regularly.... (sigh) BUT when I DO use the Neti Pot for even Two days in a row I notice I can breath much easier and that I produce much less mucus. ( I am an astmatic who unfortunatley coughs up lots of mucus)"

- Karen Schwartz ,Felton, CA

" I constantly suffer from sinus problems. When my Doctor recommended Jala Neti I thought I would try it. After two weeks I have to admit, all my sinus problems have disappeared. Thank you!"

- Darrin Wegemann , Velva, ND

" I love my netti pot!!! I call it "Miss Netti" and I have used it every day without fail since it has arrived. I find that I no longer need my percription nose spray, and I have had a much easier time breathing this autumn as the leaves fell from the trees.......usualy this was not the case! Thank-you so very much! Carrot"

- Carrot Vogel , Somerset, PA

" We received our neti bowl and began using it right away. After years of alergy medicine use we have found relief in a more natural way that leaves us feeling much better.."

- Michael Ruiz , Santa Ana, CA

" My doctor had recommended nasal irrigation to help me with my chronic sinus problems. He didn't give many details but told me I could find everything I needed on the Internet. I'm glad your website was so informative. I received my neti pot and salt packages quickly and started using them the day they arrived. I can already tell this procedure will help keep my sinuses clear and reduce the amounts of medicine I need to take"

- Robert Ellington ,Carrollton, GA

" As I was going thru my e-mails this morning I started getting a sinus/migraine headache. My first thought was to hurry and finish mail so I can do a Neti pot to relieve pain and pressure. I do a "neti" daily since I've received it. It's like a soak in the tub for my head. Very refreshing! Thank you. Vicki in Ohio"


" Thank you! The neti pot is wonderful and has helped with my allergies. Thank you again "

- Patrice Capone , Waller, TX

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