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Thumb Saver Massager
    Thumb Saver Massager   Thumb Saver Massager for Deep Tissue Massage   Thumb Saver Massager Deep Tissue   Thumb Saver Deep Tissue Massager  
Thumb Saver Massager
  • A very comfortable tool for deep tissue and trigger point massage
  • Allows for deeper therapy without straining the thumb
  • Can be used with oil or cream; clean with warm soap & water or alcohol
  • Made of superior ABS material
  • Great for releasing neck and back tensions
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The thumb saver is one of the best massage tools for deep tissue massage. Designed for a snug and comfortable grip, it allows you to glide on the affected parts with a gentle pressure of the thumb. The thumb saver can be used with either the traditional hold or the reverse hold. The reverse hold is great for muscle stripping while the traditional hold gives a deep penetrating massage. The thumb saver is especially useful for the neck, shoulder and back regions.

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Thumb Saver Massager Thumb Saver Massager USD$ 9.95
Thumb Saver Massager
Thumb Saver Massager
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"Was also interested in Scalp massager which was not in stock at the time of last order
Let me know if it is available now "

24 Dec,2016

Sai Elder
from Vadodara , India



29 Jun,2016

from Biswanath Chariali , India


"I`ve been a Massage Therapist for 14 years. I mostly do deep tissue work on muscled men. I`ve developed arthritis in one of my fingers, but I keep going. I bought this product not knowing really how it would work and for the cost I took a chance. Now, this product is invaluable to me! I am able to work deeply into muscle without straining my thumb, and best of all My clients Love It. "

24 Jul,2014

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