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Brush Cover
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Protective Silicone Tooth Brush Cover
  • Flexible tooth brush head Covers – Set of 2 or 4 - protect bristles from germs and dust
  • Soft and Light; Made of food grade silicone; Soft on the bristles without breaking them
  • Very Easy to clean; Sterilizable – Quick hygienic maintenance by washing in hot running water
  • Available as set of 2 pcs. Or 4 pcs.- White \ Pink; A must-have accessory in your travel kit
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It is important that the toothbrush we use should be very clean. This helps in maintaining oral hygiene while preventing needless infections as a result of unhygienic brushing. The Toothbrush bristles are a source of attracting dirt and bacteria on its surface. Moreover, toothbrushes are always prone to accidental falls leading to soiling of the bristles. This problem is severely compounded during our travels where housekeeping services make our toothbrushes prone to careless handling. A toothbrush cover is the best solution in such cases.

Many tooth brush covers are made of hard plastics. Besides taking space and being obstructive, they are not very hygienic. This toothbrush cover is made of food-grade silicone and is very effective. It is soft, flexible and washable helping you protect the toothbrush effectively and with ease. It can easily be compressed in your travel kit too.

This cover is highly recommended to help maintain your toothbrush while adding the ring of hygiene around it. A must have in your oral care kit.

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Protective Silicone Tooth Brush Cover Set 2 Tooth Brush Cover USD$ 7.50
Protective Silicone Tooth Brush Cover Set 4 Tooth Brush Cover USD$ 7.95
Silicone Tooth Brush Cover
Tooth Cover
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