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Travel Enema Bag
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Reusable - 2 Quart Travel Enema Bag with Outlet Nozzle
  • Medical Grade, Economical, 2 Quart Enema Bags with open top; Hygienic while travelling
  • Made of Medical grade PVC; Non-clumsy; Robust: Does not fatigue in normal conditions
  • Marking on Bags for liquid–Level Monitoring; Fully Transparent;Each bag lasts upto 10 uses
  • Detachable Outlet Nozzle & inbuilt suspension loop with it;Foldable into a small pouch
  • Great for the Occasional Users;Also available with tubing set as Travel enema Bag Kit
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Regular Enema Users find it difficult to have enema while they are travelling. With its traditional huge can or bag which requires larger space to carry it along, users have to forbid themselves in spite of discomfort.

For travelling purpose, it is required to get a bag which fulfills the requirement but is of compact size. We at HealthAndYoga have come up with this super economical foldable enema bags. They are made of high quality medical grade PVC. They are transparent with liquid level marking and also have inbuilt suspension loop. This suspension loop is very sturdy and can be easily hung without any fatigue.

This bag is compatible with most tubings and a bag can easily be used for 10 times. Dry it well before folding it after every use.

The complete kit with tubings is available separately.

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Travel Enema Bag Set of 2 Travel Enema Bag USD$ 4.95
Travel Enema Bag Set of 4 Travel Bag USD$ 6.95
Travel Enema Bag Set of 5 Travel Bag USD$ 7.95
Travel Enema Bag
Travel Enema Bag
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