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Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball
    Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball   Vetiver grass   Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball  
Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball
  • Hand made of Vetiver grass
  • Ayurvedic Herbal cloth cover
  • Works through Hand Acupressure points.
  • Improves finger and hand strength
  • Stimulates Relaxation
  • Provides cooling effect
  • 100% Natural & Ecofriendly
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Vetiver Grass contains vital aromatic oil which not only makes the grass spongy but also imparts important healing properties to the grass.

The natural oil contained in the grass has antiseptic properties and its natural earthy fragrance is deeply relaxing.

Most importantly, vetiver has cooling properties, so even as you squeeze the vetiver ball you will feel a pleasant sensation as opposed to synthetic foam or rubber balls.

Making a regular habit of squeezing the stress ball, has several advantages:
  • It keeps the circulation active;
  • Stimulates the various organs of the body through their corresponding acupressure points on the hand;
  • Strengthens the fingers and hand / wrist tendons & ligaments;
  • Relieves stress and induces relaxation
The stress ball is also suitable for those who experience occasional numbness in fingers.

In order to preserve the root from wearing off, we have covered the vetiver root grass ball with a Herbal cotton cloth, which also increases the life of your stress ball.

Note: The cloth may appear soiled but in fact it is dyed with a herbal dye (with medicinal properties) which gives this appearance.

Squeeze regularly about 5 minutes each hand or as you feel able through the day. The mild prickly sensation is stimulating and enhances the benefits.

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Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball USD$ 4.00
Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball + Acupressure Balls
Stress Ball + Acupressure Ball USD$ 8.95
Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball
Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball
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"All of the products are of high quality! I love them all. Namaste. "

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"Love the Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball."

03 Oct,2013

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"Everything was at least as good as expected."

01 Jul,2013

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