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Wooden Spine Roller
    Wooden Spine Roller and Massager   Wooden Spine Roller and Massager   Wooden Spine Roller and Massager   Wooden Spine Roller and Massager  
Wooden Spine Roller and Massager
  • Handcrafted, robust and 100% organic- high quality wood and polish
  • Long and comfortable grip- effortless movement
  • Massage Balls extra smooth finish - glides down easily along your spine.
  • Strategically mounted balls - relieve stressed out ligaments on either side of spine; comfortable and gentle massage
  • Suitable for every day and anywhere use.
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Unlike other malleable spine rollers, this one is totally organic and is made from high quality wood. Being totally biotic or natural you don’t have to worry about any side effects related to it and is safe to be used daily. It has a long stick with a comfortable grip that is specially crafted to exert gentle pressure on your spine.

The balls of this massager are circular in shape and built in such a way that they heal the soft stressed tissues or muscles on both the sides of your spine. Its smooth finish and polish makes it easy for you to glide it up and down along the spine.

This wooden spine roller and massager is a complete solution to all forms of back pain. Its helps in relieving your muscles from fatigue by breaking down the lactic acid produced in your muscles. Such a property of this massager makes it an ideal tool to be kept handy by people associated with sports or workout.

Feel that ugly back pain of your melting away as this massager rolls down, while relaxing on the couch. Can be used daily and at anytime of the day.

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