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Wooden Knobble Massager
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Wooden Knobble Massager
  • Widely acclaimed pressure point massager
  • Helps provide greater pressure at a point with a gentle grip on the head
  • Effective relief for muscle knots and deep tissue massage
  • Provides effective relief from localized pains and discomfort
  • Specially suitable for shoulder and neck muscle stiffness, headache relief and hand point stimulus
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The mushroom shaped massage tool, often referred to as the knobble for its similarity to a door knob, is a very effective tool at deep tissue massage and trigger point relief. Its head is large and smooth and fits easily in the palm or held between fingers. The pressure is transferred to a rounded tip which provides instant relief at points of discomfort. Recommended for tired muscles, stiffness relief and relief from aches and pains. Effective for back of neck pressure relief for effective headache relief.

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Wooden Knobble Massager Wooden Knobble Massager USD$ 8.50
Wooden Knobble Massager
Wooden Knobble Massager
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  Nice Product

"The product was as described and easy to use. I was very happy with it and the customer service as well. "

08 Mar,2019

from Boise , United States
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