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Wrapping Body Roller Massager
    Wrapping Body Roller Massager   Stainless Steel Reusable Razor   Stainless Steel Reusable Razor   Stainless Steel Reusable Razor  
Wrapping Body Roller Massager
  • Made from PVC –durable and long lasting; strategically designed shape-moldable and handheld stick-- free flowing joints; hugs body contours- thorough deep relaxing.
  • 20 star shaped wheels- connected with flexible joints; 6 pellets on each wheel to help vibratory stimulation of tired muscles, applying rolling and gliding pressure without damage to the skin.
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This majestic and robust full body massager is the complete solution for your tired and fatigued muscles or tissues. It has been strategically designed to hug your body contours for thorough and deep relaxation. The manufacturing material, PVC of this long-lasting massager gives it durability and unlike those heavy massagers is light in weight making it an ideal companion to be carried anywhere. This handheld massage stick is bendable and flexible for smooth operations. It is equipped with 10 Star shaped wheels on either side with free flowing joints and each wheel has 6 massage pellets that exert gradual yet gentle pressure on the pressure points. These pellets without rupturing the skin slacken up deep tissues and tired muscles. To ensure effortless and uninterrupted movement of this charismatic massager, nice and flexible cords are provided on either ends, which can be wrapped around your fingers or hand for a comfortable grip. This Full Body Muscles and Deep Tissue Stimulating Acupressure Massager effectively help you get rid of the agonising neck – cervical pain. It is also beneficial in stimulating pain of tired/fatigued shoulder blades and back muscles. This acupressure massage stick even smoothens up tired muscles or cramps of the calf, feet or knee. Not only this, the massager can be used as a beauty hacking device that manages flabbiness of the belly to tone it and encourages breast growth. Recommended tool for athletes and gym goers.

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Wrapping Body Roller Massager Wrapping Body Roller Massager USD$ 13.51
Wrapping Body Roller Massager
Wrapping Body Roller Massager
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