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Heat Wrist Support with Magnets
    Wrist Support With Magnets   Hand Wrist Support   Hand Wrist Support Set  
Heat Wrist Support with Magnets - 1 Pair
  • 1 pair (2 pcs) set Universal size – better wrist support due to adjustable Velcro tightness
  • Magneto therapy effect provided by the magnets lining the inner surface of the wrist support
  • Heat therapy provided by Tourmaline – a natural substance – lining the inner fabric
  • A useful support for those at risk of wrist pain
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
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The main components of this unique wrist support are:
  • An imported high elastic fiber cloth
  • Tourmaline cloth
  • Permanent magnetic stones

Tourmaline is a mineral that is used to generate heat naturally and provides relief in cases of aches and pains. This alongwith nano composite materials makes for fine texture, softness and elasticity.

Useful for persons with wrist pain, other discomfort and helps keep the wrist in normal position. The adjustable Velcro makes for a universal fit.


Wetting slightly the inner tourmaline cloth will help it perform better. Fix the inner tourmaline cloth close to the affected portion of the wrist. Adjust the Velcro suitably to support the wrist.
After15-30 minutes you should start feeling the heat effect.

Discontinue use if you feel the heat uncomfortable. Not for use of children or pregnant women.

Keep out of reach of children.
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Heat Wrist Support with Magnets - 1 Pair Wrist Support With Magnets USD$ 14.95
Heat Wrist Support with Magnets
Heat Wrist Support with Magnets
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"This wrist band works great! My wrist feels great afterwards. "

22 Apr,2015

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27 Feb,2014

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