Yoga Sandals
    Yoga Sandals  
Yoga Sandals
  • Uses principles of Acupressure
  • Help align body and toes
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improved bone & circulatory health
  • Massaging effect
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Stop taking your toes for granted !!

With the advent of shoes, we have unwittingly deprived ourselves of inter-toe massage which is so vital for our overall health.

The region between our toes is capillary rich and has tremendous significance for energy flow. In addition, the 26 bones of our feet are joined by the fascia, tendons and ligaments that need massage & toning for foot health. Disuse of these muscles can even lead to arthritis of the toes.

The significance of inter-toes massage can be gauged from the fact, that toe massage forms a very important component of Acupressure, even in relieving conditions such as Eye pressure etc.

Toe massage results in highly improved circulatory health, bone health, and reduces fatigue by reducing constrictions in energy flow.

How do the "Yoga Inspired" sandals help?

Though initially designed for pedicure (hence the name), to keep the nails apart to prevent smudging, the yoga sandals have simply overwhelmed people with the health improvement that they have provided. (Please Note that the sandals are not to be worn DURING yoga practice)
Let us see how :

The massage effect created through toe spreading helps re-align the bones of the legs and the ankle, knee and hip joints.

Toe spreading has resulted in improvements in back pain. Whether it is because of better balance that we have forgotten over time, or because of the massaging acupressure effect, is anybody’s guess…. But it really works.

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The Yoga sandals through their toe spreading have helped people fix their arthritic feet. Others have reported amazing success in greater foot mobility.

Yoga Sandals have been remarkable in relieving tiredness of the feet and legs.

They improve blood flow and energy flow.

They help in centering and grounding and are ergonomically supportive of the entire body structure.

They are Recommended by Osteopaths.

But most importantly, they are uniquely comfortable. Just begin slowly wearing the sandals--at home--until you feel more strength coming into your feet. Then, slowly wear them more and more often.

We have muscles designed to spread our toes just as we have in the hand to spread our fingers.

Why not realize the benefit of these muscles upon our health… by using them!!

Pedicure / Yoga Sandals for Women

The all NEW Yoga Sandals, come with a calcaneous (heel bone) support. In addition, there are 4 black toe-separators on each foot and standard accessories of 2 color bead strap choices (1-black & 1-brown) that run across on the strap.

The dual action of this support and spreading your toes promotes proper foot, leg and hip motion while walking.

If you want to indulge yourself, you can buy the additional colors bead strap pack ( 1-red, 1-blue and 1-pink) for adding that color accent.

Economical, practical, healthy, fun and stylish---one sandal does it all.
  • Black Color. Originally made for Pedicure
  • Not to be worn during yoga practice
  • Light Weight
  • Puffier Top Strap
  • Sized in (Women) US Sizes. For actual length of Sandals, Click here
" The shoes are great! I love the way they look and after a few wearings, my feet feel 'free' and very comfortable. As you indicated, there was a breaking-in period. One of my "baby" toes is still not totally 'with the program'. I'm being patient though ... (This toe suffered from more than one injury/break ... I am extremely pleased with this purchase and carry the little info card and your web adress around in my purse. Hope I can inspire others to give these a try.."
G.C.G,Lake Geneva, WI
" I recently had a bunionectomy and these sandals are the most comfortable to wear. I love the support in the arch especially since I have fallen arches. I am truly glad I found them from a friend and she told me how to purchase them. Thank you for an enjoyable sandal."
D.W, Titusville, FL
" Since receiving my sandals, I have really noticed a positive change in the way my toes look and feel. I wore them to my yoga class and several people were quite interested in them also. Glad I found you!. "
J.S, Rochester, MN
" Verry good service, as a mater of fact I liked the sandles so mutch I orderd a pair for my wife and she already got them. Thankyou "
J.N, Goodyear, AZ
" Thank you for the sandals. I ordered them for my daughter who is a yoga teacher and she really enjoys them. "
S.C, White Hall, MD
" The yoga sandals arrived very quickly, and I love them! I was also very pleased with the personal nature of the customer service. I will definitely shop here again. Thanks.. "
E.R, Westwood, MA
" I received my yoga sandles & wear them as I type. I work on concrete all day & at nite they are a great relief to wear. Even in Alaska. But only in the house, in the winter. "
K.Aber, Kenai, AL
" Wonderful sandals. My whole body feels better because of them. "
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C.W, Charleston, WV
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Yoga Sandal Yoga Sandals USD$ 28.00
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1- Red, 1- Blue, 1- Pink
  Yoga Sandals USD$ 5.00
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"Have received my order,but think I had to wait too long,wile you took my money a month ago.
Annelieke Flier"

13 Dec,2010

from Bonita Springs , United States


"I am totally satisfied with the promptness of my order and I love my yoga shoes. "

04 Oct,2010

from Middlefield , United States


"The strap is all that it was advertised to be. I happen to be 5`9" so it could have been a bit longer for me.

Thank you for this inquiry.


11 Aug,2010

from Milton , Canada
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