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Meditation Accessories

Read about our well-researched & exclusive yoga and meditation tools (such as Yoga Mats, Neti Pots etc.) by clicking on the product links below.

Also view our learning tools and natural health supplies that help to rejuvenate you completely... and naturally!!

Meditation Book

"How to meditate using Chakras, Mantras and Breath" serves to answer all that and much more. A pioneering effort by Dr. Chernin, it has been recognized for its clarity and direction in providing an improved guidance to the beginner as well as the experienced practitioner.


Item Price
Meditation Book Not for Delivery outside USA
US$ 14.99

Meditation CDs

These audio meditation techniques have been specifically designed to systematically lead the student into a more relaxed and deeper states of awareness...


Item Price
Meditation CDs Not for Delivery outside USA
US$ 18.99

Meditation Supplies

Use during meditation as an insulating layer between you and the floor. Traditionally called Zabuton, these are used as everyday floor furniture in Japan.


Meditation Supplies

Meditation Art

Explore these wonderful works of art by the artist Oscar Basurto. He has been dedicated for years in creating forms that "trigger" an extraordinary state of mind. These works have found their way into several galleries.

(Read More)...

Meditation Tools

Mala Beads

A personal mala is a wonderful accessory to meditation, which when used regularly with a personal mantra, absorbs the vibrations of the practice. It becomes like a close friend or a comfortable piece of clothing!


Item Photos Price
Tulsi Wood Mala Tulsi Wood Mala US$ 7.95
Saffron (Radha-Krsna) Mala Bag Saffron (Radha-Krsna) Mala Bag US$ 8.95

Incense Sample Kit

Incense has powerful effects upon the human mind. Different fragrances can have varied stimulating effects for different individuals. An incense sampling kit can help you decide which fragrance is right for you.


Item Photos Price
Incense Sample Kit Incense Sample Kit US$ 7.95
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10 Apr,2018

from EDMONTON , Canada


"The package received within stipulated delivery time and I was very much satisfied with the packaging and quality of products. "

11 Oct,2017

from AHMEDABAD , India


"Please be advised that we did send a reply (see below)and are thrilled with our Malas!
Please feel free to use my review as you might wish!
Peace and Blessings
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Re: Your Order at www.healthandyoga.com(D)

I wanted to let you know that we received our Tulsi Malas and bracelets last evening. We are thrilled! My husband is new to the practice and excited to begin. I love the feel of the Tulsi and the spirituality I feel from them. We will definitely be passing on your website and ordering again! Thank you!
Peace and Blessings to you and yours,
Barb and Ron Sost
Ewing, NJ


24 May,2017

from Ewing , United States
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