Why Yoga For Pregnancy ?

  • Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful aspects of womanhood. Each pregnancy, each child born, is a special opportunity for a woman to discover within herself great strength and flexibility. She can discover her great power yet her ability to surrender; her great compassion yet a detachment. Most importantly, her greatest capacity to LOVE.
  • The experience of a Natural Birthingis a peak experience in your life. Yet, surprisingly, the experience of childbirth often leaves you physically shattered, emotionally bereft and mentally confused.
  • There are difficulties and disappointments, but, ultimately one needs to go past those varicose veins, edema, back pain, nausea, impatience, frustration, tiredness, abdominal discomfort, sleeplessness, depression... Gosh! Did I leave out anything??
  • All these as well as birthing traumas can be overcome if the mind and heart remain one-pointed on the true purpose of procreation, rather than the unfolding effects of it. Yoga and Meditation have the capacity to produce a higher quality of conception, a healthier maternal environment for pregnancy and a more harmonious birthing experience.
" More importantly for the new-born, the yoga techniques assist in bringing into the world a child less inhibited by stress and potential illness. Yoga has well developed tools that make natural birthing more probable as compared to administered c-sections. Yoga aspects and techniques should help to make your pregnancy a more "Joyful" experience. "
Yoga exercises are a great help in facilitating a gentle and uncomplicated delivery.

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