" Thank you for your e-mail and yes all products arrived in a timely fashion. The products were excellently packaged and of very high quality. I particularly appreciated the detailed instructions and have learned new information for both my netti practice and for safe enema practice. Even my mother who has never done netti before is finding it to be a wonderful practice. I have made my second order with Heath and Yoga already and will most certainly be recommending you to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your help and excellent service and I look forward to many years of service and advice from your fine company."

Trisha, Ireland

" I am very impressed with the professionalism of HealthandYoga.com, and rapid delivery of my products. HealthandYoga.com is a website that I cannot live without. I highly recommend HealthandYoga.com to anyone searching for high quality products backed by people who care. I will continue to use HealthandYoga.com as a primary resource for all my health and yoga needs. Namaste   "

Joe, Katy, TX

" I did something kind of stupid, I put my address as United Kingdom rather than the United States, then compounded the problem by ordering twice. HealthandYoga.com quickly recognized the problem and corresponded with me until I was satisfied and the item was received. Very good customer experience, and excellent customer service. I would absolutely order from them again if I ever need another product. "

Alan, Los Angeles, CA

" I have ordered twice from this fine company. The customer service is exceptional, friendly, helpful and courteous. They carry excellent products and I will continue to do business with them regularly. This is definitely a company that has earned its place at the top of the list for great quality products, useful information, along with wonderful and easy transactions...speedy delivery too!Thank you.  "

A.Collins, Alexandria, Virginia

" I am very impressed with the customer service. Prakasini was very kind and gracious in sending me another pair of mala beads when the first pair I purchased never reached me. My only complaint would be that the mala beads that I first ordered did not reach me and I had to order another set.
It's because of Prakasini's service, and of course the product that will encourage me to purchase more from HealthAndYoga.com in the future.Thanks, "

Sara, Amesbury, Massachusetts

" I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I recently ordered something from Amazon.com and paid extra for expedited shipping. It took forever and it was domestic ship!  "

T.Abrams, Upper Marlboro, MD

" I ordered this item as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I was most pleased to receive the order just 4 days after placing the order...it is difficult to get orders placed with US businesses shipped that quickly around Christmas time! My friend was very excited to receive the mat and is very pleased with it. Thank you so much for both a wonderful product and service! Namaste "

D.Daubs, Evansville, IN

" The item that I ordered arrived quickly, much quicker than the estimated delivery time which is something I was very pleased with. Some companies hang around with your order for a couple of days before sending it out. This did not happen, huzzah! A big thumbs up. "

K.Abram, Dublin, Ireland

" Your orders are always filled quickly with a great deal of communication which is greatly appreciated. Your willingness to please your customers is apparent, and your products are always of excellent quality. With the easy and extensive instructions, I have had no trouble in using my Neti Pot and am enjoying the benefits. Thank you.  "

B.D.Clark, Springdale, AR

" I was very happy with the quickness I received my products and with the quality. I am a huge fan of the japa malas and I ordered 2 others from 2 other companies not only did it take longer to get but they were of much less quality. Thank you for your service and quality products  "

M.G.Cobb, Lombard, IL

" We apologize for the delay we wanted to try the products first before replying. In a word: Fantastic! And two more words for HealthAndYoga: Thank you! Many American companies could learn some lessons from you on great customer service, fast shipping (from India!), and high-quality... "

V.Cramer, Chattanooga, TN

" People rarely meet this kind of service, the type that HealthAndYoga team offer. I am from Macedonia and the product ( Neti Pot) which I have ordered has arrived in seven days.  "

J- Macedonia

" Recently I received a broken mala, and you sent me a replacement at no charge quickly and without question. I am so grateful that you trusted and honored my word and treated me with such great respect and courtesy. Thank you. I will continue to order from you and tell everyone i know what a respectful and wonderful company you are! and i love your products! thank you thank you! Namaste "

M. Mackey

" I am very pleased with my order. It was worth the additional wait (back ordered). Quality v. cost was in excess of expectations. Thank you. Your keeping me informed of the delay (complete with options to wait/cancel)/shipment notification/request for proof of delivery, is greatly appreciated. I have issues with companies that do not keep you up to date with your dealings. I have found that most customers will put up with a lot of difficulties if the vendor keeps them up to date with all activities. You have excelled at this level of communication. I will be a repeat customer due to your service. Thank you  "

Nick, Owings Mills

" I was amazed by the delivery's rapidity as my order arrived in 2-3 days and also by sending a confirmation e-mail to ensure that the order has been delivered make me feel even more secure (I do shop on the internet and this is the only time I have  been asked if my order has been received!). Least but not last I am so pleased with the product's quality. I could tell a lot  about it but the best way to experience it is to try them. Thank you all at healthandyoga. "

F.L.Skoulikari, Greece

" I felt the website offered plenty of information to prepare me for my purchase. The netipot arrived in a timely manner, exactly as described. A bonus was the warm email I received confirming my purchase & shipping date. So refreshing to receive an email written from the soul & spirit, from someone who doesn't know me but who sends out love & light nonetheless. I felt hugged electronically & enjoyed it. Thank you for your energy.  "

Jennifer Greene, Chestnut Hill, MA

" Let me begin by saying that you should add an "excellent" to the choices above. I was pleased with your website. It was easy to use and quite informative. And as for my purchasing experience, I was extremely satisfied. I received my order in days and the quality of the product was great. It was given as a gift and my friend mentions it every time that we speak. I will continue to purchase from your company and let my friends and family know of Health & Yoga and encourage them to visit your site when purchasing goods of this nature. Thank You "

G.D, Cashtown, PA

" I am very pleased with the customer service you provide. I ordered 2 mala beads and received them within days of placing the order. I had issues with one of them and contacted you and had a response within 24 hours and a replacement within days. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to friends and will order from you again. "

N.C, Ridgefield, NJ

" Thank you for your fast and attentive service. My (order) arrived at my door Thursday, which was much sooner than I expected. I was at first hesitant to place my order when I saw that it would be shipped from New Delhi (which is a very long way from Cleveland, Ohio!), so I was very pleased and surprised when it arrived so quickly… Thank you again for excellent service. I will not hesitate to order from you again. "

Christopher Weaver, Shaker Heights, OH

" Thank you for checking on my order, it is very nice of you to do so, and highly unexpected to find such customer service in todays world. The product I purchased arrived in a very timely manner and in very good condition. I am very pleased with the product and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. I will definitely remember your companies service and product quality should I seek further products of this nature. Thank you! :) "

Gregory, USA

" Ya'll should have an Excellent radio button to choose from! I rec'd my salt packages, very soon after my order. I appreciate the e-mails and follow ups, that's customer service the way it should be. I tell all my friends about your products and website. I'll continue to be a loyal customer because you have great products and as I've mentioned...yourcustomer service stands well above others! "

J.R.L, Murfreesboro, TN

" Thank you for your e-mail regarding my re(c)ent order from your web site. I received the pot seven days after I placed the order and it arrived in perfect condition… Thanks for checking on everything. It is nice to know that a company actually thinks about their customers after they receive the money. I did receive my order from you and I was amazed at the service . It arrrived 5 days after I sent my order on the internet…Amazing delivery time ! Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my order. "

Cynthia Cramer, Boone, IA

" Why isn't there a box (in the feedback) for "fantastic"?!??!! My entire experience with recent purchase was wonderful - including confirmation emails, delivery time, pricing, and quality of products. I think the best way to describe my experience is: I got exactly what I paid for in a timely manner. The products were even better than anticipated. Thank you! "

Glenn Fratto, Arlington, MA

" Thank you very much for the wonderful product that I am hopeing will keep me healthy! Your company is obviously serious about quality customer service. Best wishes to you for a long and healthy life for offering things to people that will give them the same. "

K.R.F, san rafael, CA

" Why isn't there a box (in the feedback) for "fantastic"?!??!! My entire experience with recent purchase was wonderful - including confirmation emails, delivery time, pricing, and quality of products. I think the best way to describe my experience is: I got exactly what I paid for in a timely manner. The products were even better than anticipated. Thank you! "

Glenn Fratto, Arlington, MA

" Thank you for a great product received in perfect condition via speedy delivery. I was most impressed! Impressed (and appreciative also) by your thoughtful communications for each step of the transaction, it was very reassuring. "

M.F, Cork, Cork

" Yes, I did receive the package. Thank you for your quick response. I was impressed with your efficiency, some orders in the US are not received in such a timely manner…Thank you again "

Judy Seal, Carlsbad, NM

" Delivery was prompt and communication was great. With all of the security problems of ordering online these days, it's good to get confirmation emails and know your order is being processed in a timely fashion. Thank YOU! "

M.Y, Park Ridge, NJ

" The customer service your company provided in the form of acknowledgement/receipt of my order, this follow-up process are all very important customer service/care features that I truly appreciate. I am very pleased with the product and your company and will use your services in the future. Thank you. "

Nick Croce, Owings Mills

" Service and responsivenes was excellent. Order confimation was sent promptly and shipping notification was sent quickly. Order shipped quickly, arrived quickly and was accurate. Product is great! The entire experience was a pleasure. Thank you making this an enjoyable shopping experience! "

Nathaniel J Horsch, Purcellville, VA

" I was truly surprised by the professionalism and efficiency of your operation. The items I ordered arrived in great condition and very quickly. Thank you for following up with me, and thanks for treating your customers courteously. Best wishes. Victoria Butler "

V.B, Chattanooga, TN

" Greetings- I am extremely satified with the product I purchased. The package arrived safe and sound. You rock my yoga world! Namaste. "

S.A, Falmouth, Maine

" I am very happy with my product, price, delivery time & the follow up from your company. I don't think I've ever ordered anything from the internet and had such a good feeling about having done so! Thank you:) "

C.S, rochester, MN

" Your interest in the successful delivery of my order is appreciated. My parcel was delivered several days ago. It is a pleasure doing business with someone so interested in customer satisfaction. "

Randy Parrish, Richmond, VA

" I have received my order in time. I mosly appreciated the personal feel i got from our email communication. It is one of respect and appreciation and that can go a long way to solve many problems. I will consider Health and Yoga for future purchases. Thank you, "

Alex Marculescu, Lakewood, OH

" I have for the 3rd time received your goods very quickly and am delighted with all the things I ordered your ordering service is the best I have come across very straight forward to use KEEP IT UP !! "

Sally Jones, Totnes, Devon

" Thank you for your follow-up email. You are one of the few companies with such attention to detail! I received my salt very quickly and am pleased with every aspect of what you do. Keep it up and the world will beat a path to your door. "

Susie Jenningsr, Ft Myers, FL

" It was a great experience! The order process was simple and well communicated, I got my merchandise in wonderfully short order, and the product is exactly as advertised. Thank you for a job well done! - Melissa Cobb, Satisfied Customer "

Melissa G. Cobb, Lombard, IL

" Thank you for wonderful service! I was so happily surprised when I received an answer to my question from one of your experts. You not only offer great products, but your service is wonderful. Thank you. "

Magda Maslowski, Niles, FL

" Quick and prompt service and delivery. Very fine product. Good communication that is indivdiual and friendly. I would recommend your products and company to family and friends. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the great work!! "

J.L.K, Wilkes-Barre, PA

But as with all humans, there are freak cases of lapses. We ensure speediest redress even if we have to send a free replacement. Sample this:

" I just wanted to let you know that I received the (product) over the weekend. Thank you for so quickly remedying the delivery problem. "

Kristin Barry, Gainesville, FL

" Thank you very much for offering to send me a replacement. I really appreciate your customer friendly and prompt service. I will recommend your business to my friends. "

Nancy Pavek, Eagan, MN

" Thank you for your prompt response when we had a problem. We have already recommended your company to several friends"

Kathy Mayers, Walnut, CA

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