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Realize fitness + freedom from stress + happiness... all through yoga in the coming year

Yoga's leap in popularity is NOT because it's a fad, but because it has proven benefits, is completely scientific and it has existed for centuries.

Thousands are discovering to their surprise how yoga is actually making subtle transformations in their lives - at the physical, mental and spiritual level.
The best part is that yoga acts on all 3 aspects simultaneously in such a way that the development of one automatically aids the improvement in the others.

At Health and Yoga we have been providing ways to our subscribers, visitors and our rapidly growing family to adopt the practices of yoga in an easy-to-understand-and-do manner.

Witnessing the development of our members has encouraged us to bring out a unique package this season, that will guide and enable you to adopt yoga in an easy manner and realize its true benefits.

This kit equips you with the fullest tools required to understand, learn AND practice yoga effectively and realize the powerful benefits.

The contents of the Yoga kit include:
  • Beginners Course of Integral Yoga with unlimited free consultations… Details
  • Neti pot to make your breath clear and unobstructed and help gain the fullest benefits… Details
  • Unique hand-woven 3-in-1 yoga mat to help you practice yoga exercises, meditation and relaxation… Details
Remember… each of these tools has been tried and recommended by our immensely satisfied customers.
What you gain with this package?

Besides, being equipped fully to harness the power of yoga, you save over $10.50 on the regular prices - which in any case are extremely reasonable by themselves.

PLUS, on ordering this package, you are automatically entered into the "Christmas Draw" - a chance to make your purchase totally FREE!!

Do yourself a favor this season. Christmas bonanzas don't last forever!
Click here to order your complete yoga package USD 59.95
OR Make your own combo by ticking the desired checkboxes below

Beginners Yoga Course
Handwoven Yoga Mat
Neti Pot

value USD
Make the coming year different… get on the path of complete fitness and mental harmony through YOGA
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