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God and I

By Shyam Mehta

So, who is the God that I talk to and who talks to me?

First, there is only one. Her name is Om, pronounced AUM.

Om is the personal aspect of God [Ishvara]. She it is who gives birth to all the other deities in the universe [Brahma, Shiva, Laxmi, Vishnu,..], as well as the universe itself.

Any worship [of a God, a man, a woman,..] She takes in Her generosity to be worship of Her.

She is the beginning and also the end of every thought you have, every word you say, every object to see, every action you do. She controls your involuntary nervous system. On any subject, she is your first thought.

Om is all powerful. There are no laws that govern Her. If she wants you to say or do something, then you will say or do it.

Om is all knowledgeable. She knows the past and she knows the future.

She is, behind Brahma, Shiva, Laxmi, Vishnu and all other deities: she translates into action that which their Soul [Ishvara] wishes to happen.

When a man begins to love a woman, or when a child begins to love a rose, Om has entered into his or its heart.

Om prompts you to take actions that will please Her father, Ishvara. She allows you free choice, to do good or bad, as it pleases Her. She knows what you will choose.

She operates the law of karma for Her father, giving you health, happiness, wealth and love or freedom for good actions that you do, and taking these away when you break the ethical laws of yama.

She shows you Mercy [from the law of karma] when you follow the path of yoga -- Tapas, Svadhyaya, and Ishvara Pranidhana.

Om is a woman and can change Her mind: the future and Her knowledge of it changes.

Seeing the state of the world in present Kali Yug, she was and is distressed. She decided to change the normal cycles of time. This Kali Yug is the last age of the world. Human beings are being divided into two groups: those who through their actions make God happy, and those who do not. For those who do, Om is helping and they will therefore succeed in achieving marriage to Her, moksha ["heaven" in Christian terms]. Those who do not are set for a state of consciousness in which they ever remember what they have done.

Those who Om helps, will become satisfied in terms of their three objectives of life -- health, wealth and pleasure. For these people, the only remaining desire is love. In moksha, your love for Om increases without limit and you are finally happy. Om shares with you Her experiences [of what has happened in the world]. You witness but do not participate in what she reveals to you, and you are happy with Her. You and she are one. You identify with the love component of the experiences she reveals to you and, being identified with Her, you are happy.

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