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Kundalini Yoga

By Shyam Mehta

In man and woman, the energy of Mother Nature [Prakriti], that is Kundalini, lies dormant at the root of the spine, in the Muladhara Chakra.

Equally, the energy is God is available but not accessed in the Sahasrara Chakra, at the crown of the head.

Man and woman act as automatons, computers, because the creative energy of Mother Nature and the divine energy of God are not tapped. One gets into a habit and loses the creativity and spontaneity of childhood. You make automatic habitual responses to experiences. You become predictable, stale.

Further, the mind and body of the yoga student are impure. Breach of the ethical principles of yama is the norm rather than the exception. The energy of God will not descend into your heart, where your Soul resides, in these circumstances. You need to follow yama and do tapas for that to happen.

But you, the self, are under the influence of Mother Nature. She is the daughter of OM. You will not come out of your stagnant state and follow Yama or do Tapas without a fresh supply of energy. It is orgasm in marriage that gives man and woman the impetus to change. For a second or two, energy from the Muladhara Chakra at the root of the spine overwhelms the brain and causes it to blackout. A second later you become happy and this freshness allows you to look anew over the coming 24 hours at your ethical principles and objectives in life. Each man and woman need sexual activity each day for this freshness to happen, each day. Mother Nature, the daughter of OM, waits patiently for you to follow faithfully the ethical principles of Yama. Once this happens, she rises, reaching different chakras along your spine, depending on the number of orgasms you have during the lovemaking period.

God in His impersonal form is also waiting patiently, waiting for the purity of your self to reach to His level. This only happens with Tapas. When you reach to His purity, He is ready. With sufficient stimulation, Mother Nature reaches your brain and Ishvara, God, descends into your brain to meet Her. They are united.

If you are ready to receive them, having performed Ishvara Pranidhana, God and his daughter descend into your heart. With the performance of Svadhyaya, your heart is already the home for OM.

These three principles of God, uniting in your heart is the real start of your religious journey with God. Body, mind and Soul are under control of God and are together.

As an appropriate time, OM will teach you which yoga postures to do so that Her daughter, Kundalini, rises during orgasm. Practicing these yoga postures is Kundalini Yoga.

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