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By Shyam Mehta

Today, everybody is under stress. There are three components: environmental, input and habitual.

Environmental Stress

At work you will be fired if you do not perform and you are given too much work. Your "colleagues" are looking to be promoted in your place. Or you are unemployed.

You and your spouse have constant arguments. Your children do not obey you, creating enormous tension.

People around you set standards which you have to follow, whether harmful to you or not. They wear fashion clothes, or revealing clothes. They buy expensive cars and have three televisions.

Your sedentary life means that you are overweight and not fit. Both sports and gym activities aggravate your stress further.

Input Stress

Everything you consume creates stress by causing your body systems to work overtime to limit pollution damage. The water you drink is polluted, or you drink coke. The food you eat is artificial and contains chemical additives. You fall ill and are injected with "medicines". They air you breathe is severely polluted. Your brain is disturbed massively and subconsciously by television, radio, mobile phone, and Internet/computer communications waves. This is true even if you are an isolated island miles from habitation. Weather changes mean that your body has to cope with conditions different from the norm, even if you are fit which you are not. Your eyes see harmful things, your ears hear noise [known as modern music].

Habitual Stress

From before birth you are stressed. Doctors invade the privacy of your mother: looking at her, testing her. In your mother's womb, you suffer all the stresses that your mother does. Her non-natural living means that delivery is a nightmare. During childhood your parents shout at you, leave you alone scared, or with strangers. They insist you do too much irrelevant homework, criticize you if you do not work hard or do not pass an exam. Your teachers mentally abuse you, other kids are even worse. You watch horror movies, which means that in order to avoid complete tragedy in your life, God gives you horror experience only in your sleep.

In a few years' time, the world will come to realize that mankind is unable to deal with 24 hours a day birth to death stress at the level seen today. We are on an accelerating downward trend. Most people in the world will experience huge suffering as their nerves suffer permanent damage in a group of diseases known as Chronic Myofascial Pain/Fibromyalgia.

Stress itself results in either elation or depression. It does not really matter which. The solution is to start on the path of yoga, perhaps by reading my article "Quietness in Your Life" and then embarking on karma yoga: the yoga of action consisting of Tapas, Svadhyaya and Ishvara Pranidhana. Other "solutions" will not work.

Community Comments:
Today what is the most talked about is “Stress”. Everyone is going through this. It is just there are different reasons. It can be environmental which is totally related with others who are around us and troubling us in different manner. They are our family members, our colleagues, friends or people who have maintained luxurious life more than us. The other one is Input stress. Whatever we use to feed our body is not pure and so it is destroying our health. The sedentary life style that we are bound to follow is killing our health. Last popular reason of stress can be our birth as a human being. We have been stressed since we were in the womb of our mother. Then while schooling, lots of home work, competition we had gone through. Growing up is not easy at all as we have been stressed to be responsible.
The best way to deal with stress is Yoga.

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