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Choosing the right Yoga Mats

Why avoid sticky mats?

A very important decision for you as you commence on the yoga path is to choose the right yoga mat.

While its true that yoga requires almost no tools, however a comfortable mat is an essential part to make you practice successful. A successful practice would be one which would:  

  • Enable you to follow a range of yoga positions, meditation poses and relaxation poses
  • Make your yoga session complete, comfortable and satisfying
  • Help you realize the true potential of each yoga position - both physical and mental - which is the true purpose of the postures.
Keeping these objectives in mind, let us see what criteria should be used in the selection of yoga mats:

As is obvious, the mats should be supportive of physical poses - standing, sitting and reclining. They should be equally supportive of meditation poses and relaxation poses without feeling any discomfort or unpleasantness.

To ensure comfort and utility, the yoga mat should;  

  • Be sufficiently large for varying range of postures and extensions with soft edges.
  • Have a sufficient grip - no more, no less - to enable to achieve the optimum benefits of yoga positions.
  • Be soft enough to counter the hardness of the floor. Yet they should be firm enough to provide the right balance to your postures.
  • Have very good sweat-absorbance
  • Be machine washable to ensure that clean feeling without much fuss.
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