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Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures)

At Health & Yoga, we are involved in an initiative to bring you the most comprehensive range of Yoga Postures.

Due to the massive nature of this exercise, we will be putting up fresh yoga positions from time to time. Therefore, please check back from time to time to read about new yoga exercises. At the present moment, we have the following:
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Pawanmuktasana Series - Part I: The concept of Asanas (exercises) in Yoga system commences with the Pawanmuktasana series. The main idea behind these Asanas is to provide suppleness in the areas of body joints. Read More�

Pawanmuktasana Series - Part II: This series of Pawanmuktasana is mainly concerned with the digestive system. Read More�

Pawanmuktasana Series - Part III: The third series of Pawanmuktasana helps in maintaining the equilibrium of unbalanced energy in the body. Read More�

Relaxation Series: These Asanas provide mental peace and one feels energetic after just few hours of practice. One may practice this at the beginning, middle and or at the end of any Asanas. Read More�

Meditation Series: Maharshi Patanjali has averred - sthiram sukham asanam i.e. that comfortable pose in which one can sit without any body movement is termed as asana. Read More�

Vajrasana Series: The Vajra or thunderbolt is regarded as the weapon of lord Indra, the lord the gods. Similarly this asana may be regarded as the king of all Asanas related with the mind, the king of all the senses. Read More�

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