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Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

These asanas provide mental peace and one feels energetic after just few hours of practice. This asana has two variations. You can learn this asana as below:

Variation I Variation II

Variation I:

  • Best time- just before the sleep after a hard days' work.
  • Lie flat on the back over a mat in clean and quiet place.

  • Maintain some distance between your legs.
  • Place your hands along side the waist with palm fingers curled up.

  • Maintain the spinal chord and neck straight.
  • Keep your eyes and lips closed with ease.
  • Keep your body firm and get conscious towards breathing.

  • Breathe easy and concentrate on your navel zone.

  • Get yourself free from all the physical and mental afflictions.
  • Begin mental counting, say 27.
  • Breathe easy along with swelled tummy repeat 27.
  • Repeat again this number when you exhale out.
  • Next time when you inhale then mentally count 26.
  • Repeat this number when you exhale out.
  • Complete this inverse counting without any miss.
  • Suppose if you miss out then begin once again from the start.

  • Do not make any change in your rhythm or style of breathing.

  • You will certainly get relaxed and peaceful by the time you're counting gets over.

  • Now get in the Sukhasana pose and relax.

Benefits Consciousness

Variation II:

  • Hold oneself in tadasana pose with both the arms overhead.

  • Maintaining the physical balance on the toes, raise one leg and extend it either forward or backward.

  • Repeat this with the other leg.
  • Practice this for 10 times.

Benefits Consciousness


  • Mental and physical relief.
  • More effective after Surya Namaskara.
  • Insomniacs particularly heart patients.


  • Physical - relaxing the body, breathing and mental counting.

  • Spiritual - on ajna chakra.


  • Depression.
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Techniques adapted from Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha by Swami
Satyananda published by Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar.


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