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Overcome the Yoga Video disadvantage�. Customize your Yoga Practice
Yoga videos suffer from a big drawback� They are either too easy or too difficult. But most importantly, they soon become Boring and Repetitive. Also, they cannot be custom 'calibrated' according to YOUR capability and taste.

What is the yGuide yoga software?

yGuide Yoga SoftwareThe yGuide is a uniquely designed yoga software to help you Learn, Customize and Upgrade your yoga practice in a Progressive Manner.

It acts as your personal coach and is a suitable complement to your yoga class. It includes comprehensive Yoga Pose Collections from various yoga styles with Hundreds of Photographs.

But the best part is that it helps you customize your yoga practices by:
yGuide Yoga Software
  • Helping you choose specific yoga poses (from the huge library of poses available) that are right for you.
  • Helping you set variations to the yoga poses. You can select variations with props if you are not flexible enough or need support. You can even modify the point of focus (drishti) while performing the asanas
Features of this Yoga Software
  • Helps you layout your yoga practice sessions easily. Choose poses that you will like to practice and in what sequence. You can even select from different variations of the pose, like beginner positions or more advanced positions.
  • Enables you to customize the pre-designed sequences to get started. Just select a pre-designed sequence to copy and then you can modify it as you wish!
  • Provides step-by-step instructions for every pose. You can use a practice reference list of pictures to help trigger your next pose as you practice.
  • Helps you visualize the flow of the practice session with the picture show.
  • Provides tools to capture each yoga practice session in your own journal. You can observe the changes in your practice over time.
  • Equips you to add your own pictures in three easy steps. You can then link your own pictures to your own asanas - this feature available with yGuide Pro only.
Take a software tour if you would like to know, how exactly the software works.
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Benefits of the yGuide Software

This great learning tool provides tremendous benefits to the yoga student AND the yoga teacher. Unlike yoga books or videos that have a "one-size-fits-all" approach or you find boringly repetitive, this software helps you learn continuously and progressively.
  • As a Student:

    1. You can take advice from yoga experts and then choose specific yoga poses from the software to create a routine specific for you.

    2. You can then set custom variations for each pose based on your ability.

    3. You can record your practices in a journal and evaluate your daily progress.
  • As a Teacher:

    1. With yGuide pro, you can include your own pictures with your own poses and descriptions into the library of poses.

    2. You can then set out specific routines for individual yoga students.

    3. Take print outs of individual sequences to help you students follow specific routines.
  • In short, with the yGuide you can do everything from:

    1. Customizing one of our many pre-designed sequences .

    2. Selecting from our library of poses.

    3. Creating your own pose.

    4. Journaling your yoga practice session as you reflect on the moment

    5. Take print outs of individual sequences to help you students follow specific routines.
How it is Organized?

This software appears for two types of Yoga practitioners.

General Yoga Lovers:

If you are not into specific yoga styles then, "Great Yoga Poses I" is for you. The Great Yoga Poses I collection contains 70 Poses from multiple yoga styles. The poses are focused on Restoring, Opening, and Building Balance and Strength in your body. Great Yoga Poses I is a complement to many other yoga styles like Ashtanga yoga or for complementing other sports activities like running, cycling, and weight lifting. The poses have been selected for the following areas:

1. Backbends 2. Forward bends 3. Inversions 4. Sitting and twists 5.Standing Supine

There are pre-designed sequences to quickly help you establish your practice, as well as provide you with a Guide to Growing Your Practice and customizing it. The focus areas for the sequences include:

1. Back   2. Hips and Knees  3.Neck and Shoulders   4.Restorative   5.Wrist and Ankle   6.At Work Practice  7.Gentle Evening Practice   8.Warm Up

Ashtanga Yoga Lovers:

The Ashtanga Yoga series presented in our software is the Primary Series and includes Over 75 Poses with Pictures. The entire series is a Vinyasa flow of asanas practiced in an exact order. Vinyasa is the synchronization of your breath with your movement. As you focus on your breath, your breath will lead your movements and it will help you stay focused on the moment. As you achieve this union, your practice will be graceful and light!

Pre-designed sequences from which you can customize or progressively grow include:

30 Minute 45 Minute 60 Minute Beginner Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Advanced Standing/Finishing Ashtanga at Work Vinyasa Flow I (a different vinyasa flow than the Primary Series)

Both the "Great Yoga Poses I" and the "Ashtanga Yoga" cds come in the standard version as well as the "Pro" version. The "Pro" version offers teachers, studios, health care providers, and adventurous students added flexibility to import their own pictures to their own yoga poses for customized practice sessions. You can select, adjust, crop and rotate, save, and link your own pictures to poses you create in just a few easy steps!

Buying Options for the yGuide Software:

yGuide Standard Version (In CD Form)*
Item Price
"Great Yoga Poses I" US$ 29.95 Out of Stock
"Great Yoga Poses II" US$ 29.95 Out of Stock
"Ashtanga Yoga Series" US$ 29.95 Out of Stock
"Great Yoga Poses I" + "Ashtanga Yoga Series" US$ 39.95 Out of Stock
yGuide Pro Version # (In CD Form)*
Item Price
"Great Yoga Poses I" (yGuide Pro) US$49.95 Out of Stock
"Great Yoga Poses II" (yGuide Pro) US$49.95 Out of Stock
"Ashtanga Yoga Series" (yGuide Pro) US$49.95 Out of Stock
""Great Yoga Poses I" + "Ashtanga Yoga Series" (yGuide Pro) US$59.95 Out of Stock
System Requirements: (for CD)
(Minimum) Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 SP2/SP3, XP, Vista ; 64MB RAM (128 recommended) ; 50MB free disk space ; Pentium II processor or equivalent or higher; Screen Resolution 800*600 (1024*768 recommended) ; 16 bit color.

Enables you to add pictures in three easy steps and to link your pictures to your own asanas! Teachers, studios, health care providers, and adventurous students can have fun expanding their collection of poses.
Buying Options for Pose Collection, Click here here to know more.
Stop your hunt for the right yoga teaching aid. The yGuide provides you the BIGGEST collection EVER of yoga poses and helps you build up your learning at your own pace and style.
Get the most out of Yoga Poses

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