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Moinhos Velhos
Lagos, Algarve
Portugal , Lagos 8600-077
Tel : +351 282 687 147
Contact By : Email
Retreat Name : chris/karolina
Retreat Category : Retreat
Location Heighlights : Lagos Portugal
Date Of Retreat  : Whole Years
Description : 10 day or 2 weeks detox (juice fasting) program with yoga classes in the morning and meditation in the evening
More Details:
Yoga Studio Listed : NIL     
Yoga Teacher Listed : karolina zareba     
Holistic Practitioner Listed : View Listing     
Event Listed : NIL     
Website Listed : Lullaby/detox ur mind and body      More
Certification Program Offered : NIL     
Retreats Offered : NIL     
Articles Contributed : NIL     
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