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Kansa Vatki

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  • Authentic Kansa Vatki bowl made from distinct metals copper, tin and zinc – specific healing properties of all constitutes. Copper – reduce arthritis pain, inflammation and improves hemoglobin’s quality. Tin – relieves insomnia, headaches and improves digestive system. Zinc – improves immune system, digestion and controls diabetes
  • An immensely effective and delightfully rejuvenating foot massager – 100% Ayurvedic tool balances soul, body and mind; rub the feet sole in vigorous circular and stroking movements with the aid of clarified butter or coconut oil
  • Unique product based on ancient Indian techniques – cleansing legs and feet, relaxing their movement. Just 15 to 20 min spent on each leg relaxes nerve endings connected to internal organs
  • Benefits – relaxes tired feet, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, enhances mobility of the joints of lower limbs, relives strain from tired eyes, improves the condition of muscles and ligaments of lower limbs, helps Detox internal organs, increases stamina and strength of lower limbs, reduces stress, depression and anxiety, enhances mental and spiritual health, helps get sound sleep, calms down the body, balances and restores innate energy
  • Compact and durable can be easily carried anywhere. Good and safe for all age group. Particularly appreciated by people who spend most of the time on their feet
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