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Incense - Vanilla

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Product Details

Incense sticks are the best tools to calm the mind and providing relief from stress. The incense creates a peaceful ambience and helps a person to slow down, sit and relax. The very act of lighting incense and watching the smoke curl upwards gives a sense of relief and a connection with the Divine. If you are able to discern the right fragrance for yourself, it shall enhance the pleasing and peaceful effect.

But one must be cautious about the quality of incense used. Incense sticks made of punk wood or perfumed may cause allergic reactions or nasal irritation.

Just like each mind and individual is different so will be your fragrance. Efforts to categorize fragrances to definite emotions are at best subjective. Choose the fragrance that you like. You may even like more then one fragrance depending on your moods, situations and different times of the day.

Key Features
  • Non toxic, Exquisitely hand-rolled
  • No punk sticks used
  • Fragrances blended from flowers, barks, leaves, roots and herbs.
  • Over 50 fragrances available.
  • Available as a Sample Kit or Individual fragrance packs
  • Hand-made paper packing used.
Rating Reviews

Best incense I`ve come across in India. I already received my second shipment (17 more packs of incense, a Rudhraksha mala and a Rose wood and sandalwood necklace :) 5 stars all the way!! Thank you Health and Yoga. You rock!!
Oct 19, 2012
Vanessa Laughlin
Mumbai , India

Good quality. Nice delivery. No problem at all.
May 27, 2010
Farsund , Norway

All went smoothly. Thank you.
Feb 22, 2010
Orangeburg , United States

Excellent delivery time, it came well before expected. The product was as good as discribed. I will definitely use the website again

Thank you
Feb 27, 2009
Sydney , Australia

It is received.
Fast and good service.
Thank you
Jan 04, 2009

My order was received in a timely fashion and the products were all great. Thanks!
Apr 02, 2008
Baltimore , United States

all arived in good order received it when i expected tks bob
Jan 17, 2008
cookeville , United States

I like doing business with an honest company and appreciate your interest in customer feedback on both your products and your service. I was pleased with both. Thank you.
Jan 15, 2008
Tulsa , United States

I love the mala. It's a beautiful rich, reddish brown, and nicely understated. And the incense is yummy-smelling. All at a great price. Thank you.
Oct 18, 2007
Hoboken , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Sep 17, 2007
weston , U.S.A.

Order received in timely fashion. Mala is beautiful
Oct 27, 2006
Long Beach , U.S.A.

I am very pleased with my order, everything was of the highest quality, as always. I am especially pleased your company took the time to check with me on this order. I have never had that kind of service from any other company.
Aug 28, 2006
Millington , U.S.A.

Thanks for your prompt delivery. The contents all arrived safely. Simon
May 05, 2005
Takamatsu-Shi , Japan

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