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Tulsiwood Bracelet

USD$  3.95

Product Details

This Bracelet made of high quality tulsiwood. The bracelets when worn on your wrist, touches your skin and helps in clearing the aura and balancing doshas. The beads are smooth; thus would not hurt your skin. They are handcrafted by local artisans with lot of care and then bound together with an elastic thread so that it can fit every wrist easily.

Key Features
  • Tulsi often referred to as the "sacred basil" is the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship -
  • the only wood that is considered to be divinity itself. Likewise, the malas made of tulsi wood are considered very suitable for meditation.
  • Tulsi clears the aura
  • It helps to balance vata and kapha doshas
  • Saying the mantra on Tulsi increases the spiritual power of the prayer, increases devotion and spiritual growth.
  • It protects and aids in the pursuit of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.
Rating Reviews

Very nice bracelets! Just one suggestion: could they be adjustable to fit any size of wrists? Some were a little too tight for certain persons...
Sep 10, 2017
Frédéric WISSER
Houlette , France

Please be advised that we did send a reply (see below)and are thrilled with our Malas!
Please feel free to use my review as you might wish!
Peace and Blessings
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Friday, May 5 09:29 AM | Show Details | View source

Re: Your Order at

I wanted to let you know that we received our Tulsi Malas and bracelets last evening. We are thrilled! My husband is new to the practice and excited to begin. I love the feel of the Tulsi and the spirituality I feel from them. We will definitely be passing on your website and ordering again! Thank you!
Peace and Blessings to you and yours,
Barb and Ron Sost
Ewing, NJ

May 24, 2017
Barbara Sost
Ewing , United States

Jai Gurudev, Namaste !

I loved my Tulsi mala <3
Unfortunately I lost it somewhere together with mala bag...

Beads has just right size for my fingers and their surface is very smooth.
I am planning to order new one :)
Also delivery time to the Europe was quite surprisingly quick.

Thank you all.

With Love,

Milota Krishna-Samyuta dasi
Jan 06, 2017
HALIC , Slovakia

Very nice product and well packaged.Thank you.
Feb 19, 2015
Dr. Santanu Dasgupta
Tyler , United States

Thank you for your service. It was surprisingly fast. Tulsiwood Bracelet were really high quality.

Thank you.
Marius G.
Aug 26, 2014
Marius Grikinis
Panevezys , Lithuania

Review not Provided.
Jul 03, 2014
Anelia Kirova
Montreal , Canada

Everything was at least as good as expected, except for one or two things: the bracelet was ok, but the coloured threads that were tied soon began to unravel. No big deal, I just tied them together again myself
Jul 01, 2013

Wonderful product and fast delivery! Thank you!
Feb 08, 2013
Kathleen Conway
Bradley Beach , United States

as always, order arrived really quickly, and I`m very pleased with what i bought! thankyou! :)
May 26, 2012
Mrs J Field
Wantage , United Kingdom

I liked the bracelets.
Feb 08, 2012
denise haase
saucier , United States

I have bought from this site before and I have had great experiences both times. I enjoy the product and like the description of the beads that are included.
Dec 27, 2011
Ashley Amundsen
Bothell , United States

I always love to buy from your company, it`s is a great experience, fast, reliable, truthful. I will definetely keep ordering and have recommended you already to all of my friends.
Jul 07, 2011
Orlando , United States

I have been ordering my beads for 3 years and this last order was the best. The new Hermalite beads are my favorite and so impressed with the attention to detail and customer service. Thank you so much and namaste!
Jun 30, 2011
J. Hall
Conroe , United States

Review not Provided.
Jun 22, 2011
orlando , United States

Thank you, yes I received your wonderful products right on time and in beautiful condition. Thank you for your fine service!
Mar 10, 2011
Manchester , United States

1-Tulsi wood Bracelet hasn`t been delivered.
Vadims Maikovs
Nov 15, 2010
Liepaja , Latvia

Very nice service and communication.

The tulsi bracelet is very nice, except that it is a bit tight and I already have a thin wrist. A longer band with a few more beads would have been nice for a more comfortable fit.

I ended up having to cut it up and re-do the bracelet with my own elastic string for a looser fit.

Nov 10, 2010
Box Hill , Australia

i was so excited to get my beautiful lotus mala beads and tulsiwood bracelet in such a timely fashion. they are lovely. however, i only used my lotus mala once and it broke! i was devastated, but thought perhaps it was meant to be - so i tied off a few beads and added a drop of glue to the knot. It broke the second time, but in a different location - this time with me just wearing them around my neck! Perhaps, the string or knots were tied off too tightly when fabricated?? Nothing like this has ever happened. I would love to be sent a replacement mala, as i really want to practice with it. I love the aethetics of the lotus beads. my name is Rachel Murawski 983 castle st., san leandro, ca 94578
Oct 13, 2010
san leandro , United States

This is my first purchase of the beads and I like them very much. The wood is obviously of high quality and the workmanship is very nice.
Sep 15, 2010
Brenham , United States

The 2 bracelets I ordered arrived quickly. The quality was great. I will be ordering again soon!
Sep 15, 2010
hackettstown , United States

Review not Provided.
Aug 06, 2010
Ballwin , United States

I had a couple of problems the bracelet elastic band broke and I had to re-tie it to make it work. The mala bag is starting to come apart at the seems and the mala is starting to have loose strings. Overall I would not purchase these items again from this store. I can still use the items but there long term quality is an issue.
Jul 31, 2010
Long Beach , United States

I appreciate the fast delivery for France, and the professional courtesy showed.
The products are good, satisfying, and I certainly will do some more shopping some day.
Mar 14, 2010
PARIS , France

sorry i thought i had sent you a thank you email - the mala beads and bracelet are very special and the yoga danda is more than i had thought it would be - it is beautiful and the best part is it works - i really doubted such a thing until i attempted to use it - terrific !!! thank you so much - namaste - loving peace, ragna vidar
Mar 04, 2010
north hollywood , United States

I have not recieved the two bracelets as of 2/22/10. I was planning on e-mailing you only moments before recieving your message. If you could look into this and get back to me that would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at Thank you.
Feb 22, 2010
South Woodstock , Anonymous

While I liked the beads used for both items, I found the elastic string more than a bit tight. I may end up re-stringing the beads myself using a non-elastic material.
Jan 24, 2010
Albuquerque , United States

I love my bracelets thank u
Jan 20, 2010
valencia , United States

I loved everything I got. I will be ordering more as soon as I run out. Customer service was good as well.
Dec 10, 2009
East Peoria , United States

The beads are beautiful..Igave some as a gift and they were loved ..thankyou
Nov 27, 2009
ft worth , United States

I liked my tan beads very much. They really do help when I am stressed to hold them. The rosewood bracelet is a little tight and so I have not been wearing it. I received the package in no time. Thank you for what you do.
Pam Einarsen
Nov 13, 2009
Westport , United States

The malas arrived within a few days of placing the order - much faster than I anticipated! They are high quality, and nicely packed. Superb service, better by far than others! This is my second order and both times the service and product have been superior.
Oct 22, 2009
Ann Arbor , United States

Great service-great products!
Aug 14, 2009
Cincinnati , United States

Review not Provided.
Jun 20, 2009
Central City , United States

Mala is high quality, and smells good, too. Thanks for the good quality and quick service.
May 08, 2009
San Luis Obispo , United States

Review not Provided.
Apr 24, 2009
lakeland , United States

Website was very helpful and easy to use for individuals that are beginners with yoga and meditation. The service that I received with my order was outstanding.
Have a great day.
Mar 27, 2009
Nichols , United States

I was very happy with everything that I bought. They were of good quality and are as nice as the pictures of them were. Thank you for selling an amazing product.
Mar 12, 2009
Melbourne , United States

I am perfectly delighted with this entire order. It arrived quickly and carefully packaged.
The Tulsi malas are particularly wonderful.
Thank you very much. You are doing a good work!

Port Angeles WA
Mar 02, 2009
Port Angeles , United States

Great service as always. Will do business with again shortly.
Jan 13, 2009
Turtle Creek , United States

As usual, great service, fast and reliable. Thank you!
Dec 15, 2008
Coudersport , United States

Your products not only met but exceded my expectations. Thank You!
Oct 18, 2008
Adamstown , United States

great price and great product!
Oct 13, 2008
lookout mtn , United States

The bracelet arrived exactly when you said it would and I am very pleased with it. I purchased two more bracelets from you soon after. Thank you!
Oct 08, 2008
garfield , United States

The quality of everything in the order was outstanding. I am especially enjoying the mala beads which are an extraordinary aid in my spiritual practices. Thanks!
Sep 11, 2008
San Antonio , United States

I have ordered from you in the past already. I am very happy of your services, products and follows-up. Keep up and thanks for everythig!
Jul 05, 2008
Ocala , U.S.A.

Received product very quickly and I was happy with that. The quality of the malas was quite poor, in my opinion. The tassel was already apart on the tusli mala when it got here, and I ended up having to restring it. I would not purchase malas from you again.
Apr 21, 2008
Mancelona , U.S.A.

The Tulsi beads were nice, but smaller than I expected. The Bodhiseed beads were much bigger than expected. I probably didn`t pay attention to the size description. I was more interested in the quality, which was good in both cases.
Feb 23, 2008
Boca Raton , United States

I have to say that I was greatly impressed with the contact that was kept with me until my beads arrived. The confirmations and the manner of the confirmations made me feel like I had made a smart decision before my beads had even arrived. My beads arrived in a very timely manner, even for coming from over seas! Thank you and I will be refering my friends and family to your website and online store.- Dr. Clint
Jan 10, 2008
Castle Rock , United States

Excellent service and very quick delivery time. Very conscientious customer feedback. Thank you for a very good ordering experience.
Dec 22, 2007
Ann Arbor , United States

I received my order promptly and am very pleased. I will definately recommend this site to others.
Nov 26, 2007
Kings Park , United States

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