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3' x 6' Yoga Mat + Zippered Bag (Black)

USD$  65.90

Product Details

This natural eco-friendly yoga mat is ideal for getting the maximum out of Yoga Poses. We have experienced several kinds of yoga mats - each one with some unique advantages. While we recommend the Hand-Woven Yoga Mat for GENTLE yoga exercises, we think that this unique ''straw-like'' grass mat is very suitable for Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Why? Because the Natural Serrations of the dried grass help you maintain grip without providing artificial ''sticky'' support. It is exclusively designed for helping you work towards a balance.

Key Features
  • Eco friendly cotton canvas
  • Varied style – drawstring or zippered
  • Suitable for larger or smaller mats
  • Assorted solid colors
  • Economically priced
  • Ships worldwide
Rating Reviews

Fast delivery. Pleasant communications. Great product.

I ordered the grass mat (3` x 6` Yoga Mat + Zippered Bag(Black). It smells really nice. It also helped me modify my pose so that I distribute my weight over my whole hand, and not just on the lower part of my palms.

I highly recommend it. Thank you!
Apr 13, 2011
Ottawa , Canada

came as ordered. very happy with the mat
Jun 25, 2009
new london , United States

I just love my new yoga mat. Recommend it highly. The bag is wonderful for mat storage or for traveling. My sandalwood mala is so fragrant. Using the beads helps with my meditation. Thanks Health and Yoga for your fine products.
Oct 18, 2007
Bay St. Louis , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Oct 17, 2007
indianapolis , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Jan 09, 2007
salem , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Aug 17, 2006
Cambridge , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Aug 03, 2006
Tashkent , Uzbekistan

Review not Provided.
May 15, 2006

Great communication and great service. I am very happy with my yoga mat. I will be back!
May 08, 2006
Granada Hills , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Mar 21, 2006
Denver , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Mar 08, 2006
St. Albans , U.S.A.

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