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You Know Me - The Gita

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This is first book of its kind giving the translation of Hindus holy book Gita Sanskrit on one side and English on one side. This is translated to retain the poetry of the original text of the holy book. The Book explains the great epic texts in 310 pages. The Gita is the center of Mahabharata. Sometime it becomes difficult to read and understand the meaning in Gita. Therefore, Irina Gajjar, Ph.D., translated it into simple English while maintaining its original poetry from the perspective of the linguist and student of Hinduism, not as theorist promoting a particular viewpoint. The focus is conceptual, making it possible to present readers with a comprehensible text easily read in blank verse form.

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Hello Namaste, I did not receive the Chakra Poster I ordered. Everything else in my order came to me. I was satisified with all my other items in the order. I still want the poster. Can you find out what happened to it? Thanks, Elizabeth Amabile
Nov 05, 2007
Bangor , United States

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