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The Alchemy of Peace and Love

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The Alchemy of Peace and Love is the set of two CDs. The first disc offers the body scan process to help bring awareness and relaxation to every part of the body. The second disc is programmed for the guided meditation and relaxation techniques to build the self-esteem and self-acceptance. The guided meditation scripts on The Alchemy of Peace & Love are co-written by Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T. and David Yarian, Ph.D. The relaxation techniques used here reflect Sandis long experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, and her deep knowledge of the wisdom of breath and body. Sandi Anders has been helping people relax and access their creativity for many years. She uses her soothing voice and evocative words to guide the listener into meditation and deep relaxation. Disc one - Peaceful mind meditation is a 26 minute body scan relaxation, useful for creating a state of deep relaxation followed by 20 minute meditative song. Disc two - I am beloved meditation is a 26 minute guided visualization followed by 22 minute of restful music. This meditation is designed to help you connect deeply with your innermost Self, building self-esteem and self-acceptance.

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