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Plastic Hook

USD$  1.00

Product Details

This Plastic Hook is used to suspend or hang the Enema Bag. It makes the process of enema even more easy.

Key Features
  • Metal and Plastic Hooks to suspend your Enema Bag
Rating Reviews

your products are very very good
Sep 26, 2016
S G Belokar
Mumbai , India

Aug 02, 2016
Suzanne Wilson
Guelph , Canada

I use your products as part of a health regimen, and they always work beautifully! Thank you.
Feb 11, 2015
CLIFTON , United States

My only negative comment is in regard to the hook. When I originally purchased kit the hook should have been included. It is a necessary item, your cost for the item couldn`t be more than a quarter, probably less. The idea that I had to order it for a dollar in a second order is really poor marketing in my opinion. It seems you are nickel and diming customers unnecessarily. My rating would have been better but for that.
Apr 19, 2012
Candace Criscuolo
Duluth , United States

Received everything in perfect timing! Love the easy cleaning of the 4 qt enema bag, and the disposable silicone open ended tubes are WONDERFUL! I do not like the plastic hook, as it is not able to hold the weight like the metal hook does. I`m very happy and pleased otherwise with my purchase, and have recommended it to another friend that is interested in your products. I do have one question. I purchased a seperate silicone 2m tubing, hoping to attach that to the 4 qt latex enema bag.. the hose looks like it is too large to use as a replacement hose. Is this correct? Is it the wrong size? If so, I would need to return it. Also, if you have a `see through` silicone tubing, I would be interested in obtaining that for future usage. Thank you in advance for a timely response! Thank you.. Deborah
Jan 03, 2012
Deborah Templin
Manassas Park , United States

I continue to be very happy with your products and your service as well as your follow-up concern for your customers. I was particularly delighted that I received free shipping with this last order.
Thank you, Barbara Vanofferen
Aug 17, 2011
Barbara Vanofferen
Detroit Lakes , United States

Super Fast and efficient delivery of products. Will shop with you again and again.
Jan 05, 2011
Perth , Australia

received everything fine. fast shipping good Packing

Jul 08, 2010
Houston , United States

order recieved everything looks great
Dec 19, 2008
L Buck
Riverdale , United States

Thank you for the excellent service.

Ioannis Frangeskou

Oct 31, 2008
ARLINGTON , United States

I especially liked the information about enemas that you included. AM using the products and finding them easy to use and very helpful.
Mar 24, 2007
Fort Collins , U.S.A.

Everything arrived in a timely fasion and was as expected. I have used the equipment to great satisfaction and shall most definatly order again.
Aug 30, 2006
Coventry , United Kingdom

Review not Provided.
Aug 22, 2006
Pleasant Hill , U.S.A.

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