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Quartz Malas

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Product Details

Malas are great tools to aid in meditation. They have been used over centuries by beginners as well as experienced practitioners of meditation. They help in creating a proper mindset and mood for meditation. Helps focus the ever wandering mind on one point.

The mala beads are moved in rhythm with the breath and the mantra. This practice helps both-sleepy as well as excessively distracted mental frame to be balanced during meditation. The malas when used regularly with a personal mantra, absorbs the vibrations of the practice.

Mala beads are made from different materials such as tulsi (basil) wood, sandal wood, rudraksh seeds or crystal. Each type of material has certain properties which subtly affect the subconscious mind of the practitioner.

Key Features
  • Faith properties: This is believed to increase the energizing effect of quartz
  • In particular, a very energizing stone and believed to accelerate the slowing of energy of every chakra.
  • Effective in removing cobwebs of the mind, un-needed hang-ups or feelings of guilt.
  • Helps in understanding the root causes of emotional disturbance and in that, can said to be an effective spiritual aid. 
Rating Reviews

Namasteh , every thing arrived on time and in perfect condition,will recomend your company to all my freinds
Jul 05, 2012
fery zand
peterborough , Canada

I purchased 2 mala beads and the tassel on the Quartz has shedded and fallen off. The one on the citrine has started to shed too. I love them, the quality is good but now I worry about the thread that holds them together may start breaking. my name is Doreen LoRusso- dlorusso@ please response. Thank You
Oct 09, 2007
Hollywood , U.S.A.

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