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Back Wrap

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How would you like to arrive at your next work out or game with your lower back and waist ready to twist, stretch, bend and perform without injury? The Back Wrap warms up your muscles before you even stretch out, allowing you to perform better and also reducing the likelihood of injury.
Simply heat the Back Wrap in the microwave for about two minutes, buckle it on, and go to your activity. During transit, your lower back receives a soothing moist heat therapy treatment which not only feels great, but actually increases blood flow to muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. By the time you arrive you`ll be loose and ready to go. All your friends will want to know why your game has improved so drastically. And your back will feel better than it has in years.

Besides being a warm up aid, the Back Wrap makes a great hot/cold therapy pack, proving instant pain relief for anything from muscle pulls and swollen joints to menstrual cramps and arthritis. Whether you need soothing moist heat or cold compression therapy, the Back Wrap can help. It stays completely flexible and adjustable when frozen,

2.Soothing Heat Therapy
3.Loosens Muscles
4.Improves Performance

7.Heats Up In Only 2 Minutes
8.Wear On The Way to Your Work Out

10.Designed for Your Back and Neck
Can Be Used Anywhere
Freeze for Flexible Cold Therapy
Durable, versatile, and convenient, the Back Wrap is one of the best things you can do for your back. The solid gel can`t leak, even if punctured. Made in Natural unbleached brushed cotton with a sturdy buckle, it`ll last a lifetime. To give yourself the care you deserve, get a Back Wrap.

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