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Silicone Hose - 2 M

USD$  13.95

Product Details

Silicone tubing is especially recommended for those with latex allergy or for those using additives in their enemas.

Key Features
  • Large variety: Silicone, PVC, rubber & neoprene
  • 1.5 meter & 2 meters length
  • Diameter 5/16" to fit standard size nozzle
  • Transparent PVC type tubing for general enemas
  • Silicone hose for coffee enemas
  • Neoprene & rubber latex tubings too.
Rating Reviews

The hose and tube were fine. I received the products much more quickly than I had anticipated. The clamp was very poorly designed and completely useless. I purchase 2 and just threw them away. Fortunately I still had 2 better quality clamps to use.
Jul 11, 2017
Anne Kearns
San Diego , United States

Jan 18, 2017
Freddie Ulan
Clearwater , United States

excellant product
Jan 09, 2017
usman shaikh
mumbai , India

I was happy w my order, even though you never put in the clamp I requested (after I had forgotten to place it in the original order, so I understand)...
I love your products and will continue to order from you. I also appreciate the follow-up. Happy new year. :))
Jan 05, 2017
sue aldridge
San Anselmo , United States

Nov 29, 2016
Terrie Myers
Carver , United States

I have received the items in good condition soon after I ordered them. I haven`t used them yet so cannot comment on their effectiveness. I have previously used the silicone hose and like its flexibility and durability. Also have used a rubber colon tube that was smaller and allowed easy entry. It is becoming thin in places after many years. I did not remember what size options were available. I think now it was the smallest which I would order again.
Nov 18, 2016
kryk stiffler
upland , United States

I did receive my order eventually and it was complete. The delivery person delivered it to the wrong address. That person at the wrong address delivered it to me a couple of days later.
Nov 10, 2016
Roger D. Velthouse
Grandville , United States

Product is what I needed. Delivery was slow. But, I was well informed about the shipping process, which was excellent.
Oct 06, 2016
James R Goodyear
San Diego , United States

Everything arrived on time and all supplies I ordered works well.
Sep 20, 2016
Valerie Coulter
Lakewood , United States

I use it mostly for coffee enemas and I find the silicone hose doesn`t allow the coffee to go through. First the coffee doesn`t want to go from the bag to the hose. It gets stuck in the bag and I have to pinch a lot of times to get it going into the hose. Then I have to pinch the hose often to get the coffee going further. When the coffee is completely in the hose it goes well.
Your service is excellent. Very good and fast.
Aug 22, 2016
Magriet van Heiningen
Orono , United States

Aug 02, 2016
Suzanne Wilson
Guelph , Canada

The enema bags are very good. I would have liked a 6.5 foot hose. I use the shower bar to hang the bag and had to lower the bar in order to reach the hose nozzle. In all, a very good purchase. I would not hesitate to buy anything from your company.
Jun 21, 2016
Martha L Donaldson
Hialeah , United States

Jun 07, 2016
Eleonora Koga Sertorio
Itatiba , Brazil

Always a great experience and wonderful products!
May 17, 2016
Dale Edmonds
Miami , United States

I received my order yesterday everything is as I ordered. Thank You.
Apr 28, 2016
Theresa Mendoza
Sacramento , United States

Excellent service. I received the products in less than a week from the day I ordered. The silicone hose is longer than other companies sell, which is very nice. The rubber colon tube is very sturdy...I just didn`t know it would be quite so stiff. Hard to tell from the French measurements, which are hard to understand.
Apr 01, 2016
Michelle Neils
Fort Collins , United States

Excellent quick service. Clean packaging. Recommended. P.S.
Feb 22, 2016
Catherine Frumerman
New York , United States

My order was filled incorrectly. I received 2 of the silicone hoses i only ordered one and i received one set of catheters instead of 2. The products themsevles are fine. I do not want to go through the hassle of returning them
Feb 16, 2016
patty poort
saginaw , United States

Yes, I received my package! Thank you! I`m not crazy about the silicone hose......I think I prefer the original hose that came with the kit. I feel like the silicone hose is too big, and it probably allows air to enter where it doesn`t belong.
Jan 16, 2016
Michelle Ford
Superior , United States

Nov 07, 2015
Mary Tranquillo
Charlotte , United States

I have been ordering catheters and tubing for close to a year now, but this most recent order I have had problems with the products. I ordered 30 disposable catheters, and 3 in a row leaked from the plastic tip (I had to throw them out in order to do the enema). Also, yesterday when I attached the silicone hose to the nozzle on the outside of the bucket (I do enemas frequently so I thought I was doing the same procedure I always do), a hole formed in the tube and water started leaking out. This happened with my old tubing at one point but I had used it for quite awhile (I figured it wore out at some point so I just ordered a new one), but this tubing I`ve only been using no more than 3 weeks! I`m very disappointed with my most recent order, unfortunately.
Jul 20, 2015
Rachael Murray
Silver Spring , United States

Fast and hassle free shopping.

1 minus and that is that I did not get a reply when I asked if you do sell silicone catheters.
So I had to order them somewhere else.

Silicone catheters should last longer than latex/rubber when sterilized/boiled. Siliocone is also better when certain chemicals are used in enema fluid (like MMS-Chlorine Dioxide and which is effective against ropeworm in large intestine).

So yes I would have liked to be able to order everything in one place.

But I`m very satisfied and will certainly recommend others doing business with you.

Thank you,
Jun 22, 2015
Kristiansand , Norway

Good quality. Fast service. Reliable company.
Jun 05, 2015
Freddie Ulan
Clearwater , United States

Review not Provided.
Dec 23, 2014
Jessica Mayer
Juno Beach , United States

Great service. Speedy. Accurate. Good quality. I will be ordering again as needed.
Dec 11, 2014
Freddie Ulan
Clearwater , United States

Product was as described working great for my needs would recommend
Oct 08, 2014

, -- Select Country --

Fast service ; excellent quality. I would re order from you for sure.
Oct 08, 2014
Freddie Ulan
Clearwater , United States

Fast service ; excellent quality. I would re order from you for sure.
Oct 08, 2014
Freddie Ulan
Clearwater , United States

I received exactly what I ordered and product arrived fast.
Sep 22, 2014
Ione Ross
Edmonds , United States

All good. Thanks
Sep 22, 2014
brian bouch
petaluma , United States

High quality, prompt delivery, fair price. I also appreciated the variety of choices and the photographs that made the distinctions between tubing clear. I would definitely shop again. THX
Aug 23, 2014
Christine Vanacore
New York , United States

Always great quality and fast service.
May 29, 2014
Steven Edwards
Narara , Australia

May 16, 2014
Mac Botts
Colorado Springs , United States

Everything arrived in an appropriate amount of time and in perfect condition.
Mar 07, 2014
Terrie Myers
Carver , United States

I received all of the products in a timely fashion. I like your products, as this is my second purchase of an enema kit. I have also referred many people to your products over the last couple years.

I have one suggestion, however. I want to treat people with this enema kit, however, I do not want to treat multiple people with the same anal tip. I had requested a number of straight in anal tips, however and unfortunately, the straight in anal tip only comes in a package with a straight in vaginal tip.

So in essence, for me to acquire more anal tips, the only option is to also purchase the vaginal tip, which I do not intend to use. This results in a high amount vaginal tips that go directly to waste.

I would have liked to purchase 10 additional straight in anal tips without the accompany of a vaginal tip. Thank you for your consideration in a slight shift in your product availability.
Jan 04, 2014
Michael Uker
Boise , United States

Your service is always very good. Thank you...Regards Frances
Nov 12, 2013
Frances Smart
Perth , Australia

Product arrived discreetly and in sterile condition. Packing and shipping was fast. Excellent company and will do business with again soon. Highly recommend! A+++++
Oct 14, 2013
Pamela J Lind
North Las Vegas , United States

Review not Provided.
Aug 06, 2013
Claudia Botezatu
Toronto , Canada

Thank you so much for your quick and good service!!
Jul 25, 2013
A.C.L.M. Gravemaker
Houten , Netherlands

Review not Provided.
Jul 18, 2013
Richmond Gardner
Quogue , United States

Really fast delivery and good help!
Mar 28, 2013
A.C.L.M. Gravemaker
Houten , Netherlands

very happy with service and product.

Mar 18, 2013
Sebastian Sell
Manukau City , New Zealand

I got my order a long time ago. If you didn`t remind me what it was, I wouldn`t have remembered.
Mar 04, 2013
Edith Harmat
Port Moody , Canada

Review not Provided.
Jul 24, 2012
Junghie Elky
Fulton , United States

Thank you for being prompt in shipping. The product is great!
May 16, 2012
Karen Renfro
Springtown , United States

Love your products. And also timely delivery. :0)
May 12, 2012
helle folander
Vaerloese , Denmark

I got the order within a week. thanx
May 01, 2012
Ingrid Gayan Heusen
Kelowna , Canada

It wasn`t what I needed. I ordered the wrong thing. How do I go about changing my order?
Apr 27, 2012
Angie Leifson
Huricane , United States

Like the stainless enema buckets and the available parts for replacing used parts.
Jan 16, 2012
Megan Doyle
Eden Prairie , United States

Received everything in perfect timing! Love the easy cleaning of the 4 qt enema bag, and the disposable silicone open ended tubes are WONDERFUL! I`m very happy and pleased otherwise with my purchase, and have recommended it to another friend that is interested in your products. I do have one question. I purchased a seperate silicone 2m tubing, hoping to attach that to the 4 qt latex enema bag.. the hose looks like it is too large to use as a replacement hose. Is this correct? Is it the wrong size? If so, I would need to return it. Also, if you have a `see through` silicone tubing, I would be interested in obtaining that for future usage. Thank you in advance for a timely response! Thank you.. Deborah
Jan 03, 2012
Deborah Templin
Manassas Park , United States

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