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Bulb Syringe with Colon Tube - Open End

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Product Details

Bulb Syringe (9 fl.oz.) with Colon Tube Bulb Syringe is handy device to clean the colon. It is a shorter variation of the enema process. It is ideal for people who want a colon cleanse without too much water. It is very handy.

It can easily be attached to a colon tube if you face any difficulty in reaching out to squeeze the bulb.
Colon tubes when attached to the syringe provides a deeper and thorough cleanse. They are 20" long, open ended along with additional side slit for liquid flow . Available in various sizes

Key Features
  • Ideal for people who want a colon cleanse without too much water
  • Very handy and can easily be attached to a colon tube if you face any difficulty in reaching out to squeeze the bulb.
Rating Reviews

All OK.
Sep 30, 2017
Stanislaw Wietrzynski
Palm Coast , United States

Excellent product..! Well packed and delivered quickly..! Thanks to the seller for this quality product..! I strongly recommend this seller and the products.
May 17, 2017
Chennai , India

Excellent products, Sipping was efficient and fast. Customer service and check up was absolutely outstanding. A pleasure to do business with you and look forward to doing so again.
Oct 29, 2015
Glen Haug
Edmonton , Canada

All was delivered well and on time, and I also really appreciated the booklet included. This bulb syringe seems like a convenient design, but the materials of the syringe and tubing are a smelly red rubber/plastic material, so I have not used it yet because I`m soaking it in vinegar, etc. to try to neutralize the smell and reduce the red dye that is leeching from it. Not sure if i will use it, I`m going to look for something made of hypoallergenic material such as silicone, since I`m super extremely chemically sensitive, and whatever goes into the enema tends to hit my bloodstream very directly - let me know if you ever offer anything like that, with hypoallergenic materials. Thank you! Sylvia
Jan 17, 2015
Sylvia Litchfield
Wheat Ridge , United States

Review not Provided.
Jun 23, 2014
Gina Rooks
Bradenton , United States

Your service was fast....products top quality...shipping charge very fair...considering it came from India...and your follow up excellent...will do business with your company in the future...

May 13, 2014
steven farinich
venice , United States

All of the goods delivered were of top quality and will last for some time to come.
The service and delivery is just first class and I`ll definitely be ordering from you in the future.
Mar 27, 2014
Steven Edwards
Narara , Australia

Great products & fast service. Thank you :-)
Feb 17, 2013
valerija pecic
guelph , Canada

Excellent service - prompt despatch to NZ - got my order in a week!
Very happy with the products - Other than surgical intervention there was little that medical specialis could help me with - yet with the assistance of your products I was able to help myself to get better gently and safely. Thanks.
Aug 17, 2012
Anca Ryan
Hamilton , New Zealand

Review not Provided.
Jul 07, 2010
Sandy , United States

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for prompt response to my order and the speed in which the delivery was completed. I would definitely place orders with Health and Yoga in the future. Your informational website and service are the basis for having customers return for future purchases....and I am now one of them.

Jun 21, 2010
Babylon , United States

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