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Learn With Yoga ABC Cards for Kids

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Product Details

· Combines movement AND pre-literacy and language learning
· Incorporates movement into academic curriculum
· Incorporates academic standards into yoga classes
· Color-coded and labeled for easy sorting and arrangement of activities
· Easy to read positioning cues and language questions.
Combines the restorative and calming benefits of yoga with the powerful techniques of learning through movement.

This set of cards is an innovative combination of yoga postures and language development activities written specifically for preschool to early elementary aged children. ABC Yoga Cards for Kids target developmentally appropriate learning goals.

Research shows that learning is significantly enhanced when movement is a part of the activity. Movement engages the senses and stimulates brain activity. The more the senses are engaged, the more learning occurs, and the information learned is better retained. Since yoga engages the body in the broadest range of movements, it is one of the most ideal disciplines to affect productive learning. As an individualistic and non-competitive exercise, yoga, unlike many other games and sports for children, allows all individuals the opportunity to participate. Participation in yoga has a variety of benefits for children including:
· Builds confidence and self-esteem
· Increases physical flexibility (required by all sports)
· Raises awareness of the importance of good health and posture
· Promotes effective techniques (such as breathing) for managing stress.

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