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The Key To Life Is Balance Tool Kit

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Product Details

The Key To Life Is Balance Tool Kit - weekly read and workbook.
With The Groovy Goddess, Melissa Stone

If you take your personal life to work and your work life home, worry about things out of your control or just feel a need to gain a better understanding and some in site of your own personal growth process. This Balance Tool Kit is for you!

Your Balance Took Kit will include;
# One 60 minute Yoga and Pilates DVD - featuring four 15 minute sessions of fitness and a Chakra balancing guided meditation
(sold separately for $19.99).
# Two CDs with daily guided meditations for healing, pain relief, sleep, balancing your energy and for creating success and abundance in your life
(sold separately for $19.99 each)
# One weekly read Om with a workbook full of easy and quick solutions you can easily add to your life.
(sold separately for $24.99)

Melissa Stone, has learned this through her own personal journey documenting her discovery''s along the way. With this knowledge she has produced this "tool kit" to help you make real changes towards anything you want to create, while feeling in control and in total balance with life.

"The Key to Life Is... Balance provides everything you need to lead a happy, healthy life. The powerful information Melissa shares will give you the inspiration to discover the keys to help you take control of your health, both inside and out. The Key to Life Is...Balance will provide you with the elements of wellness that can and will change your life!"

Joanie Greggains, Health and Fitness Expert KGO TV and Radio

"There are the senses you get and then there are the senses that get you. Being around Melissa, I get the sense that I am connected to someone who is in process of transcendence. Do you remember when you were a kid and your buddy dared you to touch the tip of your tongue to the 9 volt battery? It is kind of like that, but all over your body. Tingly, Powerful! The energy is incredible and now I understand how Melissa has become that way. Melissa shares intimacies about her journey out of suffering and how her awareness is allowing her to not only experience all she can while she is here, but to pass on the Landmarks of her Journey to others and help them to end their suffering as well. A truly epic in the tale in Spiritual Growth and a sense which got me. "

Trevor Bottorff, RRW, CSC Chemical Dependency Residential Case Manager Certified Spiritual Counselor

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