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Maternity Support Belt

USD$  39.95

Size :
Product Details

  • Super comfortable - seamless and of microfiber fabric
  • Specifically designed to support the back AND the womb.
  • Extra full back piece for the best support.
  • Allows full, unobstructed belly growth
  • Can be doubled up as a post-pregnancy corset for tucking in tummy
Normal pregnancy back support and tummy belts are not good enough because they either create too much pressure on the back OR on the belly… both of which are not good.

This special double strap pregnancy belly belt, ensures a double - safety by having 2 support straps. One strap runs over the belly while the other one runs under the belly to provide full support from below. At no time, is the strap covering the belly, so there is no obstruction to growth.

The material is a thin comfortable fiber without any Seams, so you can wear it even under your clothes without showing it.

This belt supports your pregnant tummy and spreads the weight evenly along the entire back for a secure feel and least pressure on the back.

After child birth, simply do away with the upper strap and use this belt as a corset to tuck in your tummy... it''''s a great post-pregnancy belt too.

Don''''t compromise on your pregnancy with cheap belts that may do more harm than good!

Key Features
  • No backaches - Unique high-back and strong-back feature.
  • No interference with naturally growing belly
  • High quality - Breathable microfiber fabric woven with seamless technology
  • Double support – better balance and safety
  • 2 in 1 - Suitable for Post pregnancy too.
Rating Reviews

Jul 15, 2016
Lisa Marie Christensen
Tromsø , Norway

Come on time for my pregnant wife and helped immediately in aleaving the pain she felt from carrying our child…
Jul 23, 2014
, -Select-

Not sure if Nill Cream will prevent stretch marks yet, but I like the light feel of it and it`s pleasant smell. My only complaint is that although the cream was offered for free along with my purchase of the maternity belt, it did not show up on the order, so it was unclear if it would be sent. However, I contacted and received a very prompt response assuring me that it was added. Seem to be great products with great service!
Mar 22, 2012
Michelle Enderlin
Wake Forest , United States

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