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Meditation Bench - Rosewood

USD$  59.95

Product Details

Yoga has several meditative postures that stimulate the blood flow to the brain and enhance the quieting response to help slip quicker into a meditative state.
These poses involve squatting or kneeling postures as they are found beneficial for the twin objectives of keeping the spine straight while enhancing blood flow to the brain.

Our modern lifestyles seldom require us to squat or seat in a kneeling posture, especially for longer durations. Forced seating in this manner can cause undue pressure on the knees and knee ligaments, resulting in undue discomfort, inflammation and pain.

Key Features
  • Made of richly streaked Indian Rosewood - Robust and Durable
  • Thoughtfully designed – Inclined Plane for comfort seating
  • Hinged legs – can be easily folded and stored
  • Exquisitely designed with richly carved legs
  • Seat 18" x 7" ; Height: 6" (Front) / 7" (Back)
  • Recommended for longer & comfortable meditation seating
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