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Sticky Yoga Mat

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Product Details

We would recommend these sticky mats as great starter mats for Ashtanga Practice.

While normally one would think that a thicker mat is better than a thinner mat, in actuality it is not so! A thicker mat not only experiences uneven stretch (something that is irritating to the pose stability), but it is also easily torn apart OR causes unnatural surface depressions over time of a rigorous ashtanga practice.

You should have a mat which is minimally thick to provide just the right level of cushioning for your joints without affecting your practice flow!

Size: 173cms x 67cms (68” x 26”); thickness 4mm

Key Features
  • Suitable for Ashtanga or power yoga
  • Provides adequate cushioning for joints safety
  • Durable and longer lasting
  • Size: 173cms x 67cms (68” x 26”); thickness 4mm
  • Hand washable
  • Choice of Colors
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