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Hand Warmer Gel Pads (Set of 2)

USD$  14.95

Product Details

A unique gel that self generates heat is extremely useful where one wants to avoid the cumbersome process of heating.

These gel based pads start generating heat instantly as soon as the metal piece in the liquid is flexed. Simply click and as the crystallization starts (wonderful to see), you can place the pad on the desired area of the body or then slip it into your glove or sock.
When suitably covered, these will provide sufficient heat of more than 50 º C for about 30 minutes, enough to help you find relief.

The scalar pendent inside this pad is a unique feature. Scalar energy is well known for its positive effect on human health due to the release of negative ions.
The warmth provided by the gel combined with negative ion energy provided by the scalar pendent makes this a useful device to find relief from aches, pains, inflammations etc.

Key Features
  • Auto and instant heat generation when the metal inside the pouch is bent or flexed.
  • Heats upto 55 º C with effect lasting upto 30 minutes when covered
  • 2 pieces provided with cloth covers – usable size of 5”x3” – can be used on hands, feet or any body part
  • Unique Feature: Scalar piece added that generates negative ions, believed to have healing effect
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