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Gel Toe Separators

USD$  5.95

Product Details

FitToes Toe Stretchers provides a natural way to relieve foot pain. They are designed to stretch, spread and exercise your toes which help to prevent and treat various foot problems, such as Hammer Toe, Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis. Whether, you are a runner, on your feet all day or love to wear high heels, the toe stretchers are a great help for painful, tired and poorly aligned toes.

Key Features
  • Made of stretchable TPR and flexible gel-one size fits all
  • Stretches toe muscles and ligaments; improves alignment of the feet
  • Ideal tool to prevent and treat foot conditions- Hammer toe, Bunions, Plantar facilities
  • Gel provides cold therapy as well as relaxes toe with a therapeutic stretch
  • Available as a pair- Set of 2 pieces, one for each foot.
Rating Reviews

Jan 29, 2015
Julia López Martín
Cáceres , Spain

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