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Face Mask

USD$  14.95

Product Details

Face cooling is an ancient therapy that is used not only as a beauty treatment to smoothen out wrinkles and tighten facial pores, but also as a method to relieve health conditions associated above the neck area like anxiety, anger, headaches and eye conditions.

Key Features
  • Full Face Mask with Velcro fastening Straps – Medium Size
  • Filled with a Cooling Gel that can be refrigerated
  • Soft and adjusts to face contours with full coverage
  • Can be used as a beauty mask to eliminate puffiness and tiredness
  • Helps relieve conditions associated with heat, such as stress, restlessness, headaches
Rating Reviews

I have been buying several products from health and yoga for myself, and also for friends and relatives who are interested. I was hooked to the site when I bought a stainless steel jalneti pot, an absolute beauty and a prized possession. Thereafter I began exploring the site and found many interesting things which I use regularly.
May 06, 2016
Neelam Singh
Gurgaon , India

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