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Hula Hoop

USD$  13.25

Product Details

The wavy hula hoop is an innovative way to get started on a healthy life style. This is a classic fitness tool suitable for age 5 and above. It is extremely adjustable and portable, consists of 8 pieces of different colors which can be easily locked together to make a hoop of diameter approx 28’’ Inches, suitable to generate a centripetal force to enable the user to spin even at a slower pace.

Key Features
  • Made of skin-friendly durable plastic; non-allergenic and non-toxic, diameter around 28’’inches.
  • Adjustable and portable- consists of 8 colored pieces, can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Has a wavy ridge on inner surface to keep the hoop up and stimulate and tone core muscles.
Rating Reviews

Have not yet used Kesh Nikhar Tonic - somehow sacred too - will it be okay to use - but rest everything was good :)

my daughter is in love with hula hoop
May 10, 2017
Medha Pandey
Mumbai , India

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