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Pee (Urine) Aid for Women-Set of 10

USD$  15.41

Product Details

Nowadays every woman is getting conscious about sanitation which is very essential for a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding intimate hygiene can cause several diseases.
When we talk about intimate hygiene, what first comes is concern in urination in public toilets. Women face peeing-discomfort while travelling for work (or leisure) as they have to use dirty public toilets.

Key Features
  • Disposable Urine Director - Women can stand and pee; No more squatting.
  • Very helpful in peeing for orthopedic patients, Elderly women, Pregnant Women.
  • Safeguards from many diseases such as UTI which commonly occur from dirty public toilets.
  • Made from Coated Paper; Water proof funnel; Comfortable to hold while peeing.
  • Comfortable in use Simply Open, Place under the flow area, Pee and Throw in the bin.
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