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Stainless Steel Lunch Box

USD$  19.30

Product Details

Food is the most important fuel for our internal system. It works wonders for our inner strength also and helps in building a positive attitude to deal with our situations. It is always important to follow good healthy habits related with food. While going for work or outside for other reasons, It is wise to carry the nutrition along other essentials. Buying food from outside is not always good at the same time it is expensive also.

Key Features
  • Made of pure Stainless Steel: Corrosion resistant; Food remains fresh and healthy.
  • Double storied of 8.5 cm height; Has 3 compartments to keep food tidily separated.
  • Optimum size (compartment size 15cm x 15cm.); sufficient for both – main meal and accompaniments.
  • Healthier alternative to harmful plastics; easy to clean with high hygiene.
  • Square in shape; bright finish fastening clips.
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