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Spike Acupressure Balls

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Product Details

The Hands & Feet are considered vital in acupressure and reflexology. This is because it is believed that there are direct energy flow channels from these extremities to every organ of the human body.

It is a well known fact in oriental medicine that disease and health disorders are largely due to energy imbalances and blockages. These can occur naturally or due to our imbalances lifestyles.

Key Features
  • Stimulates acupressure / reflexology points of the palm
  • Provides benefit of acupressure and magneto-therapy
  • Work by enhancing circulation and removing subtle energy blocks
  • Choice of Color – Gold & Silver
  • Magneto therapy principle works by enhancing blood flow in underlying tissues
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Apr 10, 2018

Jun 15, 2017
Thane , India

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