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Handcrafted Bamboo Straws - Set of 2

USD$  7.95

Product Details

Everyone is cautious about hygiene. Specially while using public glasses, tumblers and having beverages outside, we use straws only as we believe they are unused and fresh. Generally Plastic straws are available in the stores. But chemically overloaded plastic straws bring ther own concerns. BPA in plastics has proven to be dangerous to health. The beverage passing through the plastic straw can be infected by chemicals. Moreover, being non-biodegradable plastic straws pollute the environment. Animals can accidentally ingest them and be harmed. Plastic straws are also not washable and can’t be reused.

Key Features
  • Organic Handcrafted Bamboo Straws: Chemical free & Pleasing alternative to plastic ones.
  • Aesthetically beautiful; Approx 10 inches in length; Comfortable in sucking beverages.
  • Purely Vegan: No use of animals or their by products; Direct from Nature; Eco-friendly.
  • Economical: One time buy can work for months; Washable with hot soapy water.
  • Bio-degradable: Durable; Reusable
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