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Superior Quality Copper Tongue Cleaner with Handle

USD$  7.25

Product Details

Tongue cleaning is an ancient practice which is very beneficial for complete oral care. It is advised to include tongue cleaning in any dental care routine. Using a copper tongue cleaner for the purpose has its own outstanding advantages. As copper contains abundant ionic properties, it is very delicate on tongue and does not have any side-effects. It covers a wider area of tongue in one stroke. Its wisely designed handles provide stronger grip and non-gagging efficient cleaning. It is easy to clean. Always clean it before and after use.

Key Features
  • Made of Heavier Copper, Long-Lasting with greater flexibility.
  • Smooth finish; Brings antimicrobial qualities of Copper; No side-effects.
  • Sufficient length enables comfortable tongue cleaning, Wash before and after use.
  • Controls oral disorders keeping bacteria, mucus and debris away.
  • Cylindrical ends of the cleaner provide firmer gripping to minimize gagging; Use your own.
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