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Combo of 2 Surgical Steel tongue cleaners for His & Hers

USD$  13.95

Product Details

This set of 2 tongue cleaners is made of superior quality surgical grade stainless steel. It is very effective tool for tongue scrapping. Overnight our mouth goes with so many reactions and thus we wake up with bad taste and harmful bacteria, debris, plaque. To get them off the tongue it is very important to clean the tongue properly. Only this way we can maintain the oral hygiene. Surface of the tongue is very delicate and any kind of scrapper can’t be used. It is always advised to use the stainless steel surgical tongue cleaner to fulfill the purpose.

Key Features
  • Made of surgical grade stainless steel-impervious to bacteria & gentle on the tongue
  • Set of 2:Distinguishable Color Coded handles maintain oral hygiene: PINK & GREEN
  • Covers a wider area in 1 stroke to remove bacteria, bad taste & other food particles
  • Cylindrical shape handles provide firm grip with no nicks and cuts
  • Optimal length-cleans every possible part of the tongue & restores its pinkness
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