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Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit (2 Quart) set of 2

USD$  9.95

Product Details

These fountain bag kits are suitable for those preferring bags or looking for more economical options for their enemas. Also preferred for their compactness and as a traveling option.

Key Features
  • Medical Grade, Economical, 2 Quart Enema Bags with open top; Hygienic while travelling.
  • Made of Medical grade PVC; Non-clumsy; Robust: Does not fatigue in normal conditions.
  • Marking on Bags for liquid –Level Monitoring; Fully Transparent; Each bag lasts up to 10 uses.
  • Bag has a Detachable Outlet Nozzle and inbuilt suspension loop with it; Foldable into a small pouch.
  • Buy Tubing Separately; Great for the Occasional Users; Also available with tubing set as Travel enema Bag Kit.
Rating Reviews

Very happy with the quality of products that I purchase here. I have purchased products from Health and Yoga for sometime now and love everything that I receive plus the price is very reasonable.
Dec 28, 2017
Susan Shears
Frederick , -- Select Country --

Longtime repeat customer and as always I was very please with my purchases and delivery time.
Descriptions for the enema kits and tubing could be more specific however as it can be difficult to work out the exact differences between the various product options.

Sep 01, 2017
Trish Phelan
Cork , Ireland

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