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Silicone Face Exfoliator for Micro-Scrubbing

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Product Details

In today’s life, we face the continuous onslaught of pollution and find it difficult to keep our skin protected from dust and dirt. There are several harsh scrubbers available in the market made of harsh materials which harm the skin in the long term. Our skin needs to be served with extra gentle care.
Food grade silicone is a wonderful material to use on the facial skin. It is baby soft and works very well. Face scrub made of silicone is very soothing. It eliminates the dirt particles and dust without leaving harsh marks. Just scrub the soft bristles in circular motions and get the dead skin off. Use with or without applying any gentle face cleanser. It is very easy to use. It has flat embossed circles on the same surface which helps in removing black heads and white heads effectively. The opposite back side of the scrub has suction with it which helps to keep it stuck on the mirror and walls. Thus it remains hygienic not keeping it on the surface with other aids. It is very small and in oval shape.

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